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Anthro Week

Everyone has probably experienced something similar to this: you consider yourself being fairly good at drawing this specific thing and you enjoy it too. But you want to get good at drawing something new, and hope that you can start this subject off with equal ease and experienced intuition. However, upon tackling this new thing, you suddenly are met with feeling like a beginner all over again and quickly lose your enthusiasm. After all, it's not enjoyable to be bad at something while knowing what your best can look like.

I'd say this is the common artist's dilemma of the "comfort zone", and broadening it is a struggle most artists go through at some point in their journey.

What does this have to do with anthros?
Well, first of all, I consider the term "anthro" being a similarly broad term as "humanoid" - thus when I talk about anthros I describe creatures that simply have both human and animal characteristics.
So, I've noticed some common occurrences here and there in the art community. It gets rarer the more experienced the artist seems to be, but it's still something that can be seen in professional work as well and that is: artists who are known for their human art often seem less comfortable with drawing animals. And artists who draw animals all day usually have a harder time drawing humans.

My personal recommendation for either artist group would be: draw anthropomorphic creatures!

Why Anthros?


Drawing humanoid animals or animalistic humans allows you to take the knowledge you're familiar with, and slowly add onto it, gradually transitioning to the opposite end of the spectrum. You can draw all kinds of anatomy-mixtures: you can have a totally normal human with just animalistic feet - you can have an animal-creature with humanoid hands. This then means you can challenge your abilities at whatever pace you're comfortable with.

Of course, one of the other options for learning anything unfamiliar would be to jump head-first into cold water, doing studies, research, exercises etc. And yes, sure, this method might be the more time-efficient learning method. However, I don't know about you, but I never had the self-discipline to make a habit out of doing studies on a subject I didn't yet enjoy drawing.
The best way to stay motivated for drawing frequently and in big quantities is to enjoy what you're doing!

It may be a long-term process depending on how regularly you're currently able to draw, but by gradually adding onto the things you already enjoy drawing, you'll quickly realize that tackling unfamiliar subjects doesn't have to be such a daunting challenge.

My Personal Experience

I'll offer my own journey as an example; I'd consider myself first and foremost an animal/creature-focused artist. Early on, the only sparse practice I would get on the topic of humanoids would occasionally be getting commissioned to draw them. I'd personally just avoid drawing humans as a whole, because I'd often spend all my time and energy into getting the face looking like a face, and after all that work the body would still end up looking disproportional.
However, avoiding a subject is the worst thing you can do if you want to improve on it; it's obvious, but you only get good at the things you actively draw.
Plus, you usually realize just after the fact that you've been avoiding certain subjects.

The quicker you can integrate elements into your comfort zone that share even the tiniest of features with the thing you're trying to improve on, the better.

So, the features I was comfortable with were amongst others: claws, animal heads, and animalistic legs. Thus I had at least some things to work with when tackling a humanoid figure, and in turn, felt more at ease.
Over the years I became bit by bit more familiar with human anatomy, and I made it a habit to regularly seek out and collect small anatomy tidbits since I was already browsing different media sites on a daily basis. When learning art independently, it's handy to keep the information sources as broad as possible. (Tumblr, DeviantArt, Youtube, books etc)
I'd specifically recommend the youtube channel "ProkoTV" if you're looking for in-depth human anatomy drawing lessons. And for animal references I personally keep a Tumblr to find/collect resources: I sort them via tags like "canine" or more generally "reference".

2014 - 2015 - 2016 - 2017 - 2018
ArtTrade: Anakin by Remarin - Sketch Commission:. Elliot by Remarin - still a questionable dog by Remarin - Yikes by Remarin - T:. Melon by Remarin

It's a longterm process depending on drawing-frequency, but for me, this method was definitely made more easily into a habit than intense study sessions.

Questions for the reader

  • Is there something you want to learn, or are currently trying to, but you don't know how or where to start/progress?
  • Do you have any personal methods, in terms of broadening your comfort-zone?
  • And what kind of other areas have you seen or experienced this process of familiarizing through the transition?
  • (example: learning to draw robots/mecha by starting with bio-mech/cyborg)

((EDIT: Whoop, thanks for the link :iconrudzlk: let me check how rare the cards -actually- were))
UUhhhhmm on a random note, so I might've just found out that I might own some rare cards?????? But I literally just stumbled upon this by looking up whether "first edition" means something significant, and found sites like:
And was like "HUH, uuhh I own cards that look like some of them??" 

If anyone knows about card collecting; help?? :'3 are these anything worth?? I have no idea whether they're rare or not,, some sources say they are, others don't,, and there's like various versions of them (especially dark magician)

((The stupid thing with living in Luxembourg is the language variations, one is English, one French and one German,, I don't even know if the language-change is significant or not?))

First Edition dark magician SYE-001 - DEBUNKED there looks to be like 500 of these guys?

Des Volstgalph (limited print, but has a hole in it sadly, and is in German) GLD2-DE002 - DEBUNKED there's like 150 of these guys?

First Edition "Black Luster Soldier" (in French) DPYG-FR017 - DEBUNKED there's like 300 of these guys?
Context: So far I have only ever applied to one university, the animation school Gobelins in Paris. I have finally been through the last stage and will find out wether I have been accepted or not on the 25th.
The advice listed here will still remain the same even if I haven't been accepted, it is a culmination of what I have absorbed from teachers, professionals and students. Face to face, via chat, or by online videos.
I hope this might make the process feel a bit less overwhelming to anyone going through or about to go through something similar!

I'm mostly talking from just my personal experience, so don't hesitate to add your own, or add onto anything I mentioned!

-also! If you ever plan to write an in-depth text about your university; make sure you won't get in trouble by sharing specific information/details! Just send them an email to ask them about their policies to make sure!
If anyone does find issue with your sharing, you can then point to the email-response to back you up!

Index: (because ohboy is this a long wall of text)
1. - before universtity
2. - alternatives to normal school education
3. - looking for and applying for uni
4. - first exam (the timed drawing one, i.e. "written exam")
5. - preparing for the second exam (Portfolio and original project)
6. - second exam itself (presentation and interview) + some links to sources

I'll just be going through the different steps I've taken so far to get to this point.
And I'll start here:
Last year, I finished my secondary education (7 years "Lycée", the 3 last years of that were "specialized" in the category of art, I was 19 at the point of getting my diploma)

I had planned to take a sabbatical year ( a year of pause done inbetween education /and or jobs)
To take the time to:
1. figure out where / what I wanted to study (illustration? Game design? Digital art?) or if I even wanted to study right now in the first place
2. try working more professionally (didn't succeed as well as I hoped to, but still got into various projects)
3. and in general improve on myself, prepare for whatever I wanted to do

((getting a drivers license is also still on the to-do list for this year oops))

(Note: a sabbatical year might have some negatives if you aim to study something like medicine or law, but in art there is so much you can do simply on your own. It will be absolutely worth it if you take your time to make sure you want to study the exact thing you're looking to study (maybe by taking on internships for that thing) or if you want to take more time to make sure you are properly prepared for it.
Maybe you even land a dream job in the process of trying things out, and won't even need to study anymore.)

General improvement - how to do??? If you're planning to do some intense self-improvement all on your own, you'll need to know wether you have the necessary self-discipline and drive to hold up a certain standard (ex. draw once a day) and to be able to slowly improve that standard, specialize it (finish a drawing a day -> draw x amount of hours a day // or do x studies each week, improve on x y z over this time span)
There are a lot of resources you can find on youtube, on art sites, and don't forget that there are books too. The most important thing I have found when it comes to drive, is to have a clear goal. Even if it's just a place-holder until you find something more fitting (I wanted at the beginning of last year to possibly become a concept-artist, now I'm more drifting towards animation)
-here's an hour long youtube video talking more indepth about learning art on your own: [link]

If you don't feel like you can be your own teacher (researching the material, doing exercices, looking for your own faults and improving on them) then you can also look for summer classes or online classes. Many professional artists offer classes / instructional videos / mentorships. And you certainly can mention those things in your resume and or interview too. It will still show that you're passionate enough to seek out help, to invest in your craft.
Here are a couple of examples of where you could find such stuff:…

Between being a bit unsure of what options I had with illustration and game design (the former was often very traditional-art focused; and the latter seemed often divided with programming as well) and finding out that animation was really fun, very challenging, and seemed like there's so much more for me to learn still - I figured why not try for one of the main animation schools out there.
(My research of universities basically was: googling lists of art schools in Europe, and looking for each of their sites; checking what they required, what they offered etc)

I wrote down the deadline of the Gobelins application and day of open-doors. I made a beta-version of a portfolio and a video of different animations to take with me on a laptop to the open-doors event, to show potentially students and/or teachers (there was a porfolio review session that I didn't even know of, lucky!)
And like 10 days before the application deadline, I sent away a package with stuff like: copies of my Diploma, resumé/CV, motivational letter, a filled out form, and a print-out of a receipt for the application fee.

(you had to send it a minimum of 8 days before the deadline in case there are things missing, but they ended up extending it anyways,, I guess I wasn't the only one who suddenly remembered that February is shorter than other months)

Next was the "written exam" (you draw during 2 sessions of each 3 hours and a half, more info on this year's exam here if you're curious: ~update~ (TLDR: feel like entrance exam went ok)

Some extra notes: probably the most important skill to have for a "written exam" in art; is to be able to draw quickly. I've always been focusing on minimizing the time wasted when I draw (out of lazyness) so for each session I luckily still had 10-15 minutes to spare at the end.
But it's also important not to be too stressed out about the time-limit; in this particular case, it was clearly stated that it's ok if you do not finish entirely. You will be marked for the quality of your drawings, not on the completion of the assignments.

The supervising staff/teachers are also there to help you; do not hesitate to ask them if you have questions during the exam.

You didn't have to finish your portfolio until the actual last entrance exam, the oral presentation one.
To figure out what an animation school was looking for, I:
1. google searched for portfolios of accepted students at that school
2. contacted teachers of an animation 2 year cursus nearby, and asked to meet up / for a consultation
3. went to both Gobelins open doors, and that 2 year animation thing too; talked to the students asking for feedback

Try getting into contact with a student of the place you're trying to get into; they know the best what the school is looking for, and what you need to look out for.
I wrote a bit on what an animation portfolio would need in this post: ayy portfolio 'n stuff

(Note: I also know now, why exactly it is stupid to wait until the last possible day to get it all done - in this case, it was preferrable if the portfolio was on paper and not on a digital screen. - Sure I had printed out -most of it- on the Saturday before (my exam being on Tuesday) and wanted to print out the rest on Monday. But upon going back to the same place, something was off about the printing, and the images weren't being printed on the center of the paper. The staff was ready to let it be at "we'll call in a technician, so you'll need to come back tomorrow" until they tried one last thing which made it work.
Sure I could've cut off the borders of each A3 page to make it all even, but that would be 42 possible mess-ups
General rule, try to minimize as much stuff that might work against you; if you have the option for a clean presentation - then put that extra work into it. It luckily worked out in the end and I didn't have to make the call between either have 9 pages be off-center, or a bunch of extra risky work)

This particular school also asked for an original project that needed to be presented; all of the "pre-production" that would go into making an animated short.
I made it, but I'm still too inexperienced with animation projects to really talk in depth about the process. Think of some kind of story that is in your range of abilities, design characters, design an environment, draw out scenes or a storyboard etc.

(if you've never written out dialog scenes, don't make your project be about characters who stand around and banter about philosophy,, or at least don't make it your first project that you'll be judged on)

For this exam they would first, for 30 minutes with you waiting outside, look at your portfolio, your sketchbooks (<- also very important! if you're a digital-only kinda artist like me - work on a sketchbook to show that your skill isn't dependant on the digital medium) the project, and an USB / disk with a max. 2 minute video. (not everyone has already animations to show, try doing some in free programs like FireAlpaca and Krita; it will give you a huge plus ( search "how to animate in X" to find out more about those programs) )

Then 10 minutes for the presentation of your project; 20 minutes to talk about your motivation.

Questions that you can normally expect to come up; that you should prepare for in advance:
Why this major? Why this school? What do plan on doing afterwards / or if you don't get in? What kind of "X" media do you like? Do you think you could work well in teams?

And boy was I glad I thought of writing down some movies that I like,, it makes a good impression to know which studio they came from,, and maybe even the main creative leading figure (example: I admire the works of director Satoshi kon, like Paprika and Millenium Actress  ///  I love Prince of Egypt and The road to El Dorado which are both from Dreamworks)
((also, something I forgot myself - try to find one or multiple movies you like made in the country the uni's from :'0 I mentioned primarily american and japanese films while applying for a uni in France, oops -  but I already had talked about how I wanted to do freelancing online, thus I wouldn't be bound to locations -> the Jury knew something like that wouldn't be a big issue for me))


You can find those kinda questions described here at the end, spelled out more eloquently:… (For english speakers, you can only apply for the 3rd year of the main animation cursus - which means the entry level is set a bit higher compared to what I am applying for)
-this file is 2018 specific so once it updates, you should be able to find it at the bottom of this page… under "terms of enrolment"
((btw the 4 years cursus has an age limit of max 25, so be on the lookout for that kinda stuff too))

If you have any kind of experience with working in anything related to what you're applying for, mention that! The people you are talking to could maybe become your coworkers in the future, they are looking for students who are passionate.
And of course you'll be nervous, my voice would tremble at multiple points during the whole interview even though the jury were incredibly friendly.

If you speak a bit of French you can find more info here:… (if you scroll down to "téléchargements" you'll find different PDF files, some featuring previous exam's (both French and English! example:… That you can check out and practice, and also a PDF called "modalites admission" where you find more detailed info of some of the things I've talked about here)


Again, if you have any of your own advice, anecdotes, experiences to share; please feel free to comment!
I've gotten nearly all of it printed out today
35 pages are all done, but I'm still working on the project so I'm going back monday to get that printed and maybe one extra page for the portfolio.

But if you see something blatanly out of place or that could/should be improved on, don't hesitate to let me know!!!


Some context too: I was recently contacted by a student who gave me some really helpful feedback and pointers to what I'll need to expect at the oral exam; but one of the main first points was: don't come across like a re-converted illustrator

And to explain a bit, the portfolio should be roughly divided into 3 parts: technical drawings , design/animation , and personal mish-mash ( the exact page-order isn't decided yet btw )

technical drawings: studies, figure drawings, observation stuff
des/anim: characters, motion-breakdown, landscape design, etc
personal: show your personality, but also different mediums photo, sculpting, etc

From what I can tell by looking through other portfolios, one main crucial thing I'm lacking is caricatures / stylized / exagerrated / simplified stuff,, which often makes the core of some portfolios,, but I'm hoping to compensate with technical skill, animation and whatever it is my normal art shows???

oof this is all nervewracking :noes:
Comment down below if you're interested for a slot, and include the info of what commission type you want!
Don't note me until I give you a heads-up
This will make it easier for people to see how many spots are left, in case I'm lagging behind on updating the list.
If there are 3 unanswered comments claiming a spot on a list with only 2 spots left, then you can be pretty sure that it's all filled up.

First come first serve!

-Sketch and simple headshots  // and semi-/ painted headshots will each have their own list,, because the former is much quicker to do and I usually have the energy to do multiple simple headshots in a row.

Simple headshots 18$

Headshot:. Spooky by Remarin Headshot:. Clover by Remarin Headshot:. Kaede by Remarin

Painted headshots 35$

Headshot:. Samhain by Remarin Headshot:. Kurai by Remarin Headshot:. Prism by Remarin

You can also ask for:
sketched headshots 5$ (no color)
or semi-painted headshots 20$ (rougher, more playful than the normal-painted ones, with a lil bit of sketch lines showing)

( I still have a tiny handful of people on my old list, but it's finally reached a point where 100% of them aren't yet ready for the next commission, thus the only stuff on my to-do-list are projects I can't yet post stuff about /and we can't have that, can we now/)
But just so you know, this is merely so that I can try getting back into a speedy work-routine,, which is also why I'm limiting this commission-session to headshots only!


Sketch/simple headshots:
1. Cassivellanova
2. ChaoticallyWicked
3. Valravn
4. Orallis
5. GeminyfoX
6. Cerylune
7. Pachirisupaw
8. pandelirious
9. Kingdomwolf13 (painted)
10. Falon-Pride (painted)
11: projectoblivion

Semi- / painted headshots
1. poptheblimp
2. LunarFields
3. Ovacalix
4. Infectedwaters
5. Deja-Brew
6. BaraKaan
7. S1LK7
8. RedWolf4844
9. Xenodragons
10. BelovedBeast

-You can ask for multiple commission with one slot!
-Humans, canines, felines, dragons, mechas, anything goes!
-Can ask for stuff like blood, and for the painted headshot I can include stuff like special effects in case your character has some cool abilities (the other commission types will have mostly simple backgrounds)
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Want to draw red riding hood facing off some wolves/werewolves?

Go lookie here:
Red Riding Hood vs Big Bad Wolves Art Contest
Hello, im a big fan of Red Riding Hood (Rotkäppchen) and other fairytales Art.
Im also a big fan of kickass badass of all kind.
So i had the idea to create a Art Challenge of Red Riding Hood (Rotkäppchen) for my kickass groups :iconkickass-wolves: & :iconultimativebadass: 

How to Enter:

Bullet; Green1. Create something with follow the rules
Bullet; Green2. Post your art to DA and either tag me in the description or comment here with your entry.
Bullet; RedRules:
You artwork must including Red Riding Hood as adult woman or child/teen and big bad wolf/wolves
You must draw a new artwork for this contest
you must draw a fight picture here are two variants accepted.
Variant One "fight"
a active fight picture, here are all character Red Riding Hood and Big Bad still alive. The picture is full of

I'll be drawing something myself, but I also offered some semi-painted headshots for all 3 winner-places!

I enjoy seeing contests where there's room for different interpretations! And this theme could make for some really badass pictures, so if this feels like something you've been wanting to draw for a while, why not enter yourself as well!

The deadline is on the 01.04.2018 and at the time of writing this there have only been 2 entries so far :0

Psst, I finally went ahead and made a thingie
I'll probably be mostly posting doodly animations there that I feel are a tad too doodly for my dA,, just to give at least some extra content. I'm still going to post nearly everything I'm finishing here on dA, so don't worry about that!
What I can offer is more of the same,, if you need any advice or help on some art related topic, feel free to contact me about it! (you don't need to donate to ask for help, of course!!!!! Just wanna make that clear!!!!)

And every bit of income I currently make is being saved up for University, and whatever "adult-things" I'll have to pay for in the future

Once I have something more tangible (like regular tutorials etc) to offer, I'll work towards making a Patreon as well. But I want to be prepared and ready for the commitment of Patreon, which I'm not yet currently.

In any case, still; thank you for every little bit of support!! ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️
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Just to spread some love! It would of course be easier to just tell you to browse through my favoutires folder and watch every person you come across there, since that way I didn't have to worry about leaving so many people out,,

but here's simply a small selection of random people I think you should check out in case you haven't yet

And if anyone mentioned here would prefer not to be, then please don't hesitate to let me know!

:icontawnwen: Do you like goodlooking anatomy stuff? Multi-legged creatures? Well look no further than:
Take 2 by Tawnwen/Dumps 5 by Tawnwen<-I could stare at these sketchdumps all day long

:iconzionnefitta: Great adopt designs, like, holy crap,, love the style too
Venator by ZionnefittaAdopt [SOLD] by Zionnefitta

:iconvulpes-ibculta: Love me some muted light and dark ominous landscape,, learning how to capture such light-settings is absolutely on my art-goals list
They Follow The Sun by Vulpes-IbcultaAgonize star by Vulpes-Ibculta

:icondarenrin: Gorgeous character design, lots of beautiful detail (check dem scale patterns!!!) and something about the legs is just so on point
Jagra reference sheet 2018 by DarenrinRets by Darenrin

:iconbethaleil: Love the painting style, and love the lineart style,, just makes me want to get drawing!
not quite human by Bethaleilovchak and iseut by Bethaleil

:iconhydrothrax: Because we all need more creature designs that are based on machinery in our lives!
JetGuts by HydrothraxNeedlenose by Hydrothrax

:iconwhiteraven90: My god!!! The wings!!!! Such beautiful wings!!!
Dancing Mountains by WhiteRaven90To Design The Ugliest Electric Horse by WhiteRaven90<-!!!!!!!

Just had the urge to share some art stuff I look up to,, from anatomy, to art style, to scenery/atmosphere, to creature design, to wings(!!!!!)
If you want to see more, and more variation,, again, you can browse through my favourites folder! :>
It's a weird coincidence that I currently got a handful of people asking wether or not I give/could give classes/mentorship/advice stuff, just after getting a final push to look into Patreon.
So before I even sign up, I wanted to ask for some feedback first.

Because on one hand, I am already very public with whatever I've got done, or am currently working on; so in the area of getting more original content from me, I wouldn't want to divide it up between deviantart and Patreon. I still want to keep deviantart my number one site for people looking for the closest thing of a complete archive of my art.
So, content-wise, I could offer to share more sketches,, inbetween shots of work in progress stuff over on Patreon.
And if I made tutorial videos, I would want to post them on youtube too; but there I guess I could give patreons the ability to vote on what should come next?

Then on the other side, I could offer things like art-critique for anyone interested (you send me art-pieces of yours, and I comment on how I would execute the thing you had in mind, make a video of it or smth??) I know of artists who keep a discord chat for their Patreons, for discussions and specific questions too.
Though on the whole educational side of things, I'm a bit hesitant, since I have no experience with giving classes or anything like that; If I weren't so obsessed with getting the current commission list done, I would even be looking for online classes myself :I

So a major disclaimer for anything educational, would be that I'm learning just as much as you guys are,, I'm at best just the one in the group who gives suggestions, trying to figure stuff out at the same pace as anyone else. I could maybe "host" things like weekly study sessions, where we tackle singular topics. I myself would like to do some proper studies myself, so that would give me quite the incentive to actually just do it (things I would want to tackle: specific in detail anatomy, landscape, robotics, more portraits, more figure drawing, texture rendering??)

Other extra stuff could be stuff like, full length recording of my process videos?

So to recap, I could offer:
-sketches, WIP's
-full length, or at least not as sped-up footage of my process videos
-""classes""??? study-groups?? art-critique???

If you have any thoughts, suggestions or recommendations; please don't hesitate to comment!
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because why not, they are fun

tagged by: :iconxxisabellaartistxx:

- You have to post ALL the rules.
- Answer 10 questions that you have been asked then create 10 more questions for the others that you tagged to answer.
- Choose 10 people.
- Legitimately tag these 10 people.
- You can't say you don't do tags. nah sorry man


1. Do you believe in God?

2. Do you have those times when you think of something stupid you did a long time ago and when you think about it you cringe till today?
- Yes, regularly.

3. Do you like someone?
-I like a number of people, but if we're talking about 'like'-liking someone, then no ;0

4. Do you know when the Do's are gonna stop?


5. On a scale of 1-10 how good do you think your art is?
-At the moment? 7.5
The thing is that the "10" will probably never stop raising its stakes. When I get to 8, the 10 will have become an 11 if you get what I mean

6. Do you use bases when you draw or do you just start working on the drawing?
-I once tried using bases 6 years ago, back when I didn't even know about layer settings; Nowadays I tend to use something called references if I'm in dire need of help. But usually I simply do the do, and get on without it :T

7. How tall are you?
-Boy last time I checked it was 1,66 meters maybe? That's like 5'4" or 5'5" I think

8. Like school?
-Yes, my last couple of teachers were really chill and stuff was nice; even if I still tend to wake up occasionally stressed out because I dreamed that I still had final exams coming up

9. Do you have Depression?
-Nah, maybe a bit unhealthy apathy towards social contact, but since my number one goal is being able to live off of my art in the future, I'm currently prioritizing working on myself as an artist

10. How long does it take for you to draw something? ( Including coloring and shading? )
-depends on what kind of quality I'm aiming for. Something purely fun and experimental? 30 min - 1 hour. Something done as a commission that someone paid for? 1 h 30 min - 2 hours and 3-4 hours if it's a very challenging piece. Something personal that I really want to do as well as I can at that moment, investing 100% into it? Who knows, time doesn't matter at that moment, I'll only stop when I no longer have the energy to continue working on it or if I don't know how to continue. That can happen after 2 hours, 4 hours sometimes 10 hours or more :I

10 questions for anyone interested in answering them:

1. Can you remember the first legit thing that truly inspired you artistically? (random google image search dragon pictures? Yu-Gi-Oh cards? Comics or maybe an art installation?)
2. Are you comfortable with speaking in front of groups of people, and are there certain conditions that would influence your answer?
3. Is there anything that currently stops you from doing the things you want to do/be?
4. Have you had any recent new discoveries in things that interests you, or that you've learned you're passionate about?
5. When thinking of "being at peace" what is the first thing that comes to mind?
6. Coolest pet to have?
7. Would you describe yourself as someone who can cook?
8. Do you enjoy daydreaming? If so, what kind of scenario/setting is your go-to?
9. What's the most appealing fashion style/s? And are you living it?
10. Are you punctual? If not, are you the kind of person that doesn't let people know that you'll be late / or when exactly you'll be there?

...That last one might be a bit passive-aggressive :'0 feel free to exclude the latter part, but if you are that kind of person; even if I do love you, I still hate you.
Also, the problem with thinking of questions that you yourself like to think about, is wanting to answer them too; coolest pet is obviously a crow or snake. My go-to daydreams always have witches and dragons. Cool fashion styles for me is something like modern minimalistic vampire (what does that even mean????)
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This time for real though!
I haven't done one of these earlier, because frequently asked questions didn't happen that often in regular intervals, but now it will probably come in handy.... anyway, if you can think of anything that might be of general interest and that isn't included in this list, let me know and I'll add it!

Art related questions:

-What brushes do you use?
For digital painting/one layer painting I often use the first brush pack; primarily the square textures ones like "miekka 1".
For Lineart I primarily use the third brush from the fourth "pencil" pack.
When I do my shading I use the brush called "fancypants" from the fifth pack.
I've so far downloaded the first 5 packs of this collection, the second and third I'd call the basic stuff you'd need in terms of detailing brushes, effect brushes etc.

-What drawing program do you use?

Photoshop Elements.10
and for animation I've in the past used photoshop, FireAlpaca and Krita. The latter is the most recent one, and with PS being the only one that isn't free

-What tablet are you using?

A second-hand Wacom Bamboo FUN (the silvery one)

-Are your commissions open?

I usually keep my frontpage updated on the status, so there you'll find the answer,, if there isn't anything mentioned there, then I'm either about the change the status, or I've forgotten...

-Can you notify me when you're open again?

No, sorry. I usually open limited slot lists for my commissions, and those have the potential of filling up in one evening (record-time is 2 hours) I don't want to message people, only for them to see it later whenever they are online again just to realize that the list is closed already. I would much rather go ahead and save spots for people, but that also gets problematic once the number exceeds a handful, so that isn't a proper solution either.
Thus the best I can do is make an announcement journal on the day I re-open, maybe announcing the exact time or something like that.

-Are you accepting art trades?

Right now; no. I limit myself to friends and/or mutuals only, because I try to focus either on commissions and or personal projects.

-*commenting on an artwork* Is that referencing/inspired by X-character from Y-franchise??

If I specifically reference / or take inspiration from something that already exists, I will mention it directly in the description or even the title of an artwork. If I haven't done any of that, then it usually means that any similarities are unintentional :I

-Are you self-taught?

Yup, but that mostly means that I've been slowly collecting new info and skills from all kinds of sources, youtube, tumblr, deviantart etc.… <-youtube playlist of videos I've found informative or helpful concerning art <- my tumblr where I keep tags like "reference, scenery, human, anatomy, urban, mecha, art style, inspiration etc"… <- my dA favs where I collect cool-looking art that inspires me

But here are some of the decisions I've taken over the past 7-10 years that have unknowingly helped me improve:
-switch from pencil to pen when doing mindless doodles during school classes
-accept any challenging commission like I'm some stubborn idiot, even if they're way out of my comfort zone ( might have struggled with lots of procrastination early on, but the extra trouble did pay off in the end)
-starting to experiment with random brushes, playing around, only to later have that turn into my introduction to one-layered digital painting
-And at last, thank you 13 y/old me, for making a deviantart account because "why not"


Some other questions that I sometimes get:

-Are you German/French?????

I'm Luxembourgish with Swedish parents, thus I learned German, French and Luxembourgish in primary school, English classes started when I was a teen, with Swedish being what I speak at home.
There you have it ;> (my French skills are atrocious, and I've never had a formal education in Swedish, so both reading and writing in that language is incredibly weird)

-What music do you listen to? (I dont get asked this that often but I wanted to include it here anyway for anyone looking for new music >w>/~~)…

-Are actually a massive dweeb?

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It's been a while since I last did some sort of survey/ request feedback on prices. 2015 I think was the last one (making them through journals def. has it's perks)
Though since I've been simply editing this price list: Commission price list instead of making a new one when doing changes, I can't tell when the last time was I made any big ones >:I
Like I know that going over 50$ was a bigger decision, but that was about it,, so yeah my range is currently 15$-60$.
But most of all; would it even be ok to change them around right now? You might know that I currently have a waiting list with names only (I would never consider changing prices for people who already are in the process of ordering a commission :noes:!!) And I always prefix my notification to them, when I let them know that I'd be ready for theirs; that they can back out anytime, and request more time indefinitely.

I wouldn't mind even waiting to make this review journal until after the waiting list is done, the issue is simply that it will definitely take at least 2 months to go through the currently 60 people on the list ( and that's based on wether if I manage to draw 1 comm a day, and that people ask 1 comm per person (they are absolutely allowed to ask for more, no problem ))
So with that in mind, you might undestand that I'd simply just go ahead and ask about it now. because I dont like sitting on thoughts and open questions

And the more I think about the less I feel like actually changing anything midway through :I so this actually might just be to gauge general thoughts and opinions to apply much later in time, and maybe at best add another commission option or smth??

So yeah! What are your thoughts on changing things? yes/no/hellno/do whatever

Thoughts that are going through my head on the topic:
Raising the prices of the more energy draining commissions might motivate some people to pick simpler ones, thus speeding up the process of the list ??((btw; if you give me the power to choose between simple and complex, thank you kindly, but I will definitely pick complex, because I'm stubborn like that and know that I'll artistically improve more from the energy draining ones))  //  If I were doing limited slot lists, with extra waiting lists on the side; waiting it out would lead to no change ever being made // but it's also bordering on being unethical????

Ok but you know what, I'm irritated that I didn't think to do so sooner; I counted how many commissions I've actually finished since I started the list ( which was July 11th) and it's 34 :I That's now 3 months ago, so it's basically one commission every third day (I can do better than that!!! >:0 )
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I'm still going through the waiting list and will continue doing so, but I'm thinking of closing it for additional names -soon-. I'm not able to work fulltime on the list considering that I am also working on several projects both art related and simply life related as well. And to keep up with the regular additions, I would need to do multiple commissions a day to catch up some day x:

I will realistically need multiple months to finish the current list if I manage to draw 1 commission a day. But I will re-open later on, since commissions have always been a source for regular practice, and of course an extra source of income. But I'll be using the limited spot-lists - system once again (with sometimes themed commission lists as well, like animated stuff for example).
Their advantage of being more manageable and controlled will really come in handy in the future.

The ultimate reason why is because I realize I'll need to re-prioritize my projects  ( currently my artwork is divided between: commissions, personal random drawings, animation practice, animated short-project )
And I plan to try studying at an animation school,, I knew that if I were to study something less specific like Graphic design, Illustration, or Digital design, I would probably not enjoy it as much, since I've been doing digital illustration for 6-7 years now. There's simply so much more I would like to learn through studying animation, plus it will be really damn challenging. (the other stuff would also be challenging but more in a "im not sure i want to be doing this stuff-way")

So instead of going for the nearest animation uni that is the most accessible, or maybe has the lowest prices,, I'll just jump into a cold lake and try to get into Gobelins next year.
If it doesn't work, then I'll do a 2-year study program to level up, offered by a nearby school, and try again afterwards. If that fails,, I still didn't do the 2 years for nothing, because the other schools I'm considering require 12 months of experience anyways (internship or otherwise.....  I'm unsure if anyone would accept several years of doing deviantart commissions as "experience in the field"..... :I )

SO! now looking back on the past weeks, seeing the pace I am in, switching between regular commissions and everything else,, and seeing the months left before the admission deadline,, I know I will have to set, at some point, "dabbling in animation" as top priority, both as personal preparation and for portfolio purposes.
Specifically fantasy books??? (but if you have a favourite that is just a banger, then don't hesitate to talk about it!! I've enjoyed romance, comedy, sci-fi, and wouldn't be surprised to find stuff enjoyable in genres I usually would avoid)
((I'm a wuss tho, so horror is normally not my cup of tea.... yeah I know, with all them monsters I'm drawing that might be a surprise))

Some recent big time joys were 'Name of the Wind' by Patrick Rothfuss, (book one in a yet-to-be-finished-trilogy I believe)
and 'The Lies of Locke Lamora' by Scott Lynch (the fantasy aspect is very sneaky in this one,, you think its a story set in a world similar to ours, simply with different cultures, until it casually mentions alchemy lamps and "oh yeah there is that guild of mages who are a bunch of assholes and kill any outsiders who attempt to learn magic")
These were both books that made me binge-read until 3 a.m during school days

I like me some big time elaborate epic commitments like the 'Wheel of Time' series, which is like, I think, 14 thick books long? (still havent finished it tho)

I also check out anything with dragons in it, like the 'Temeraire' books (another series I've put on hold, whoops)

--Please dont hesitate to geek out!! I'm feeling a big need to read new book stuff!--

(Edit: what my tab-bar currently looks like: )
Dembooks by Remarin
=keep 'em coming boys&gals,, there's been quite a few that Ima be reading
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My question is: how does one price animated commissions if 1. you still feel like a noob, 2. despite that it still takes a lot of time to make, 3. probably gonna be mostly line work ( or minimalistic basic coloring like that gradient in the second example )

The fastest way I'll improve on the whole animating stuff, is if I do it more often,, and how do I do it even more? Well including it as an option for commissions.
A commenter mentioned they'd be interested in getting a run-cycle for their creature for example,, and it would honestly be quite a fun challenge to try doing cycles for non-existent beings.

I'd guess that I could offer:
-running cycles (or walk cycles, any cycles really,,)
Run-cycle.3 by Remarin

-animated facial expressions stuff
Random.8 (Sad pup) by Remarin
-and maybe even more complex actions, random, maybe with camera changes, wthver you can thing of (ohhhboyohdear)
Random.7 (feat. Sasha) by Remarin

Taking in consideration that I'm still learning new stuff with nearly every new animation,, quality will vary probably but it'll hopefully, in the long run, be curving upward


SOYEAH, what would you pay for some lines in motion drawn by someone who is basically guessing nearly every technical decision, but is willing to skip doing time limits or frame limits and just focus on making things look good??
((because my main objective is to get better at this stuff,, if I limit complexity and lenght right of the bat, there'll be less room for possible new/fun challenges))
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Update (2. september 2017)
(If I have told you that I can still add you to the list if you'd want me to, then that still applies even if by the time you check this journal it says "closed")
I'm still actively going through commissions and hope to finish the list as well. What I do need to do is, pause the new additions to the list, since last time I checked there were roughly 70 names? If I managed to draw one commission per day (which I currently dont) I'd still need more than 2 months to go through them, and that doesn't even take into account that some may ask for multiple works ;I
I plan to start looking into internships sometime this year as well, and I want to prioritize animation projects at some point as well (possibly finish one) in time to send off portfolios to universities (one of these deadlines is during February, and I do would like to avoid prioritizing animation over commissions while there's still a huge chunk of the latter left to do)
Which means I really gotte get a tad faster at churning out these commissions >8I

I will most probably return to the usual limited lists later on, doing sometimes specific commissions only, as well.
I've announced this change in my last journal btw: Update on commission-stuff (if you'd like some extra context)

Now, please note that this will be experimental at best,, I might need to emergency stop in the middle,, probably depending on the frequency of new additions,, or if I plan to make price changes. But you'll be updated at once anything like that is happening or about to happen!


What I had in mind (suggested by one of you guys) was to make a public waiting list, which will get updated with names only!!
I'll pick a batch (5-10-15, depends) chronologically, and mark them as "-active-" on the list. Which means, that I will contact you, and tell you something like:

"hey remember that commission waiting list? -link- I'm ready to take on yours, if you're still up for it you can send me the info on your character and on what kind of stuff you want drawn -link to price list-"

You can always come by and check where you're standing

So as soon as you ask anything like "are you open for commissions?" I'll send you the link to this journal with the info and the waiting list and ask if you want to be put in there.
Of course, if you're now already know all this stuff and have read the journal, the faster way is to simply exclaim/comment "put me on that list!" and I'll comply,, once you're in the next active batch I'll send you a note

Price listI'm always willing to try out drawing stuff that lies outside of my comfort-zone! So don't hesitate to ask me about anything ;0
Also, want me to record the process? You can simply request it and I'll be making a video out of it. Otherwise I'll simply do it randomly when I feel like I haven't posted anything in a while on youtube, or if I think something will be a nice watch.
-additional characters are +15$
  Basic rundown:
Basic headshots: 15$
Painted sketch: 20$
Sketch page: 25$
Lineart: 15$
Fullbody no bg: 35$
  -- minimal bg: 40$ (to add fancy stuff +10$)
  -- realistic bg: 75$
Free-for-all: 60$
Detailed painted headshots: 30$
Reference Sheet: 30$ / Design: 40$
Feel free to ask for things not currently listed too!
I can do Half-body commissions too, or sketched headshots, or even a sketch without color or bg (could be 5-10$)
visual examples and extra info to a couple of the options:
15$ Basic headshots:

Waiting list:
the list!active:
/tahzik (april 20th)
(I'm just making this so that I can quickly link my answer to people asking about it and don't have to rewrite my same answer over and over,, because it's becoming quite a frequent thing lately)

So here's an important difference:

--If it's my >original< work then you can use my artwork however you like with some basic conditions
((as long as you don't make money from it or some other kind of profit,, and I would greatly appreciate it if you could provide a link to the original post/my front page, or at least mention "Remarin on Deviantart" somewhere))
Claiming that you made the drawing yourself is naturally frowned upon of course ~ ;3

--NOW, if you see an icon/different user mentioned in the description, then there's a high chance that:
>I don't own full rights to give you permission to use those artworks<
because usually that means that the character featured in the drawing >doesn't belong to me, but rather belongs to that mentioned person<
What do you do then? You'll have to ask >them< for their permission to use that artwork! (you can in turn link back to this journal as proof that I don't mind my art being used non-commercially when asking them)

You can even use my artwork for studying, trace over it, copy poses,, but if you plan to post those studies yourself, then it's greatly appreciated if you'd mentioned that you used someone elses -work- as reference!  (Plus I always love to help people out, so I totally dont mind if you tag me in the description!)

How do you know when it isn't my original work? Well it usually would then have:
-someone mentioned in the description
-"C.", "commission", "t.", "trade:", "request", "r." in the title
-or just plain is in my "commission,trades, etc" folder

if you are unsure about a specific artwork, you can usually figure it out with a lil bit of research in the comment section
So when there's someone commenting "you made them / my oc/ my babe/ look beautiful - thank you for drawing this for me" OR anything similar that sounds like that,, then there's a high chance that it was drawn >FOR< them
And if there's simply no clear indicator, you can ask me about it.


Now why is it important to make that distinction you might ask? I still did the work, and have my name on that drawing? Sure, but not everyone wants their character used and seen out of the context of being >their< character. Sometimes characters have a very emotional meaning for people, and also, I do lots of commissions,, so many of those artworks were >paid< for. I can't give full permission for you to use those pieces for the same reason why I wouldn't want to sell prints of those pieces.
I don't own 100% of what is being depicted in pieces that were made for other people.

And you might think to yourself, well, no-ones ever going to notice it,, but like dude. Asking doesn't hurt.
Plus I've already been messaged before by commissioners because they found their commission on other sites (some with credit, some without) and I've been requesting people time and time again, to also ask the -owner of the character- or the -buyer of the commission- for their permission as well,, but those specific cases have never been asked and never heard about that.

((Now for anyone else reading this, let me know if you feel that I've missed something, or need to mention something else))
And I guess if you share this point of view on art-usage, then you are of course free to link to this journal if you get asked about it frequently and dont feel like answering the same stuff again and again
I'm currently in a weird spot: I'm not yet entirely out of school since I haven't yet received my diploma (8th of July) And I'm not yet ready to re-open fully to commissions since I'll take some time off next week.

SO I'ma have another request session,, as long as this journal is still called "open" you can comment your character down below ((I'll have it open for the next couple of days or so,, not sure yet when I'll close))
And I'll pick out some to draw

ALsoalso,, you might have noticed that I didn't title this ""sketch"" request session, like the last time. Which is because I just felt like it might be more fun for every participant in this if I just mix it up, rather than just posting sketch compilations.
((you might still get a sketch, who knows,, I'll try to vary it up: headshots, painted stuff, maybe rough backgrounds even))

Everything will probably still be kept quick and fun ((but quick and fun stuff sometimes have turned into finished pieces if the stars align)) but overly detailed or complex characters might have less of a chance to be drawn all fancily,, just keep that in mind!!
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I've seen artists do like sketch pages as commissions?? And that looks like something really fun to do????

I'm thinking of maybe including it in my new price list once I re-open for commissions again (soon), and just wondered if anyone would be interested!
The only bothering thing is,, like some artists give an exact count of how many sketches,, wether they are full body, halfbody or headshots etc,, but I'd much rather just go wild? Maybe one sketch is really worked out, 2 are just scribbles, one has color on it if it looks good. Just random sketch pages I guess????

doodles by Remarin stuff like this, maybe just a tad more cleaned up

and the other question would what price??? 20$, 15$, 10$ ?Maybe depending on the complexity of the character? Or should I just issue a warning right away that complex characters won't be drawn 100% accurate??

Man art business has damn many variables :I
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If you can think of anything you want to know more about, feel free to comment!!
I'll answer them in a video, as a means to get introduced to using a microphone and stuff 8I later on I'll probably try to voice-over speedpaints and even do tutorials
The questions can be on whatever topic!

otherwise,, I'll just look through old questions I've answered via simple text, usually needed to basically write an essay to explain,, and just try to draw alongside the explanation??
I'm such a noob to so many things