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temper tantrum

By Remarin
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somebody needs to take a chill-pill

love me some weird anatomy but his arms are probably too short considering that ridiculous abdomen
what a weirdo
And I didn't even realize that the brush I was trying out for the lineart made such a neat water-color-like effect when sized up
-before you ask, it's from the first brush pack from this folder… the brush called "farba 2" (size 25 pixels right at the top)
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amazing, love the art style really fits with the title :D
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'dat abdomen'
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i cant describe how cool this drawing is
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Looks like somebody lost some HP in a painful way!
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The sense of size here is incredible, it really makes the anger feel earth-rattling
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took me a minute to realize what i was looking at.
looks awesome though
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black and white work, wow, it's looks rad ! 
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I feel like he's gonna go on a murder spree
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His arms are not too short

His legs are too thick
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Almost exactly how I see my anger when it takes over 
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This looks really cool !! The black and white just fit so wel on this !
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Well, well...  Somebody needs to lay off the Friday night bar hopping.  Well, indeed.
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When you stub your toe on the table BWHAHAHAA~
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me when the knife says hello
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me when people remind me to do something for the 5th time
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he needs anger management 
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And you need to remove 2 of your comments because you posted the same one three times. XD
OttovonBismarck4life's avatar
That’s my shit internet causing that
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Bleh! Trust me I can relate to that!
OttovonBismarck4life's avatar
he needs anger management 
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