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negative space is a really fun thing to play with :'0

but think of this: is that really her hands?
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This is cool as ice storm on the polar morning.
The technique is very creative also support the erotic quality of this piece.
Its when you are not certain what you see, your mind has to fill it in, that create unique experience for individuals you know.
I know this is probably a practice nonetheless it came out good.
Would like to see moore of this style .
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love the hair
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"is that really her hands?"

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Excellent work!
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remarin.. i've gotta question. i know your probably so freakin annoyed with this question but i am just wondering if you do art trades. i checked your profile and there is no info on it so i'm just really curious... i apologize Sweating a little... 
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It never hurts to ask, so no worries I don't mind :> I just sadly have to say that I currently try to avoid doing trades (( there are exceptions )) but I'm aiming to keep any extra stuff, outside of commissions, as little as possible, since I'm only a couple of months away from finishing school :noes:
I'll be able to be more active in trades once the nightmare called "final exams" is over :'I
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i totally get it. school just never leaves anyone with free time. i'm almost to my final tests i'm getting ready for what i like to call nightmare week I think I've fainted. 
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DD8 I wish you all the luck my friend!! stay strong
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thank you! stay strong too!
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AAAAaaaaaaaaAAA "is tht rlly her hands" o gawd *slaps teh hands away*
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Everything about this is AMAZING, AWESOME WORK!❤
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No touchy >o<!
Bad touchy!

Looks really cool! <3 Love it~
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strange °^° .... love it <3

the mix of "color" look good but aslo disturbing because it "cut" the body part =o
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