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centaur hype

haven't even gotten a proper grip on animating horses, so why not add a human torso ontop of it because THat won't distract me from getting the horse-part as accurate as I can, nooo

didn't spend much time at all planning through the motions, and boy I still got ways to go,, no need to point out the lack of weight or off-looking movements,, just wanted to go for a little fun thing between commissions without spending half the time analyzing a bunch of videos with giddy horses

Animated in Krita, already forgot the frame-count, 16 f/sec?
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Smooth animation, I like the expression and pose at the end.

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oh my god im not even joking, this is exactly what a horse at the stable i rode at did and i couldn't stop laughing.  storytime i guess.  so he's about 18 months (big baby), and he got spooke by a bucket, so he turned around, did that, and ran away bucking and farting like an idiot.  
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Ahhh a centaur baby....!!!! I love how it's bouncing :heart:
Thank you so much for sharing, it made my day <3333
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I'd love to see this as a fully fleshed out/detailed animation. It's adorable.
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i love his little "woo!!" at the end omgg
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Could people please look at my profile and consider watching.... I'll rewatch anybody
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Yo! I see you just joined this week, and I know what it's like,, I still got an artpiece in my gallery that celebrated my 105th watcher which was nearly a year after I started my account.
But commenting on random artwork asking for watchers isn't a very efficient way to gain more. What you can do is engage in conversations with other people, draw gifts for people, ask people for art trades, contribute to communities you enjoy (fandoms etc)
All I did 2011 into 2012 was to draw mainly trades, gifts and "commissions" (the payment I got back then was like 80 deviantart points, which is equivalent to 1$)

I still have all that 7 year old artwork posted in my gallery too btw…
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Thank you and sorry if I've upset you using your comments for self promotion
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No worries! It doesn't personally affect me, I just want people to know that gaining an audience can be a really, really slow process x: and you shouldn't fret too much over it.
Your watchers will grow naturally as long as you keep being stubborn and keep doing what you love doing!

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Ok thank you bust sorry again
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darn i really wanted to know how many frames you drew. do you have a rough idea. u say 16 f/s... so did you draw 16 considering this is only about 1 second long?
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I animated "on twos" so basically I think the total frame count was 24, but there were actually only 12 "drawn" frames, the rest are either simple duplicates, or duplicates that have been slightly squashed and stretched to add a little bounciness to the animation :> at the time of uploading I was just too tired to try remembering or to just go and check
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yeah what is this? soliciting? 
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I think, not sure though.
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Its a great animation! Great job!
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Ayyy a fellow Krita user

Your animation is amazing!
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Centaurs are my favorite thing and this captures them so perfectly 
how do you get to put a picture on it? do i keep drawing frames and putting them on the animation thing?
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