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T:. Avalanche

This boy belongs to :iconlilaira: here you go!!!

I think all the animated humanoid headshots I've been asked/commissioned to do up until now, have been featuring toothy handsome dudes,, and I'm honestly so grateful for that :'I
best way to become more familiar with animation 10/10 would recommend

11 frames, animated in Krita
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holy cow, only 11 frames?!

this is awesome!

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Wait this is only 11 frames?! It's smooth af!
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omg two of my favorite artist commissioning each other :OO
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each of the 11 frames is gold ///// great work!
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Such a fluid head turn^^ Nicely done animating this entirely!
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This is AMAZING you have some so far in animation!
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loool soo cool
nice "loop"
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Dat smile boiiii ! Freakin'awesome, love avalanche btw :3
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It's always the best when one of your favorite artists commissions art from another one of your favorite artists
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Big shark teeth boi
Love dat smile >u>!
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omg amazing ;u;
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This is like... dreams coming true.. I can die happy now  omg cry by AddMedia
 I love it so muchhh ;;____;;
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Ahhhhh you're so welcome!!! :dance:
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White hair, red eyes, big ol' SHARKY CHOMPERS, facial markings... AND HORNS?
Shit he's meeting all my standards.
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A beatiful smile no doubt!
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OOH this looks amazing!! I absolutely love the way you draw mouths and chompers on these boys! One of these days I'd love to commission a toothy handsome dude from you too, but even if that day never comes I'll just forever admire how you draw them instead :'D
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Wow! Such  handsome boy! I love the animation! You do such a good job on these!! 
I will have to get one in the future.
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The way you animated with this just with 11 frames is more amazing than you think !! ((your proportions are on point, wow.
When did you start becoming godly in animating? >:@)...

(( I've been watching you for a year now on youtube ahh,, just found your dA. 
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