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Oooh yeah it's been literally like half a year since I last had one of the "got random idea - get drawing - finish 2 hours later" kinda satisfying drawing. Like, I have so many WIP's that just went nowhere because I couldn't stop constantly overanalyzing what I was doing, and had my expectations way high (both are important for self-improvement, but unhelpful if it's constant)

Things are still going slow, but this image itself is actually quite fitting in terms of how it felt to finally be able to shut off again and just draw - like releasing a lot of pent up stuff, very relieving

Basically got the idea for "gnarly lizard smoking like a chimney" while listening to some new music tho…
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I love IT 😻 The Fire looks like the stars ;P
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duuud this is amazing 
you put the details just where it needed 
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Great work. How's things going?
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Amazing work :thumbsup: I know what it's like to feel that your work somehow "isn't good enough" :(
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GIMME SEXY SANTA!jerry mouse scream intensifies icon

good work like usual tho

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This is amazing! and I love the quality here! :D

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This is how I picture Glaurung from Tolkien's "Children of Hurin." If much of LOTR was about the horrors of industrialization choking out nature, what better representation than a scaly beast, belching black smoke and noxious fumes?
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That's awesome. :) Looks like something you'd see out of a metal album cover.

oh god how brutal that you have with your hands ... are they of pure gold?:cries::cries::cries::cries:

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ooh amazing dragon! 
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Beautiful textures on the skin especially.

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Good morning, Sooo Awesome, great pose!!!!!!!!.
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Mystically Stunning
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Mmmmm, Gothic. It's lovely.
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I love the background’s green glow and how there’s a smokey fire that the dragon is breathing out, it looks awesome!
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