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Schoolstuff.8 Expressions

For this one, we were asked to do at least 4 types of expression-transitions, not just expressions themselves. The transitions could be lead by head-tilts, eyebrow motion, shoulder motion, jaw motion etcetc.
The main thing we needed to focus on is to separate skull and jaw into their own separate entities. So the skull stays mostly the same shape, while the jaw stretches and drags behind the mouvements. Though when the character is frowing for example, the whole skull tilts forward-which dictates things like the hairline shifting place, or in this case horns.

Sprinkled smear frames all over this one, and boy does it make a difference

Animated in TV paint, roughly 7 hours? And about 45 individually drawn frames, some areas are on twos, others on threes :'I
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Pretty good looking animation here^^ Pretty fluid~ Are you gonna post this and your other works onto Sakugabooru? 
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This is AMAZING!!! I love it! 
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It's very good Remarin ^^.
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I love this. It is like me after hearing the coffee maker, but I'm more CRAZY!
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do you hear that? that's the Disney animators crying.

p.s keep the good work up!! Clap 
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This is really cool! Keep up the good work. :D
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Me waiting for the right bus be like
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hmmm It's so great <3
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Simple, but effective. Very nice work. I like the headshape and final movement onto his elbow.
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Wow, it looks fantastic!!!
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Holy cow this is so amazing! The stretching and the expressions awesome work!
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Dang, this is super pleasing to watch. I'm no expert in animation but I just love the flow between each expression and how natural it looks <3
Really looks like he's trying to add something to an argument, someone cuts him off rudely and he goes into pouty face mode XD That's how I interpret the situation at least lolol
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the change in expression after the second take (when he opens his mouth after the mouvement) is a bit weird, It's not bad but probably but based on the intent I perceive, It should be a bit more irritated but the main thing is that he changes expression after getting into poses..

It's much cleaner to use the motion to start the change in expression..
for example you close the eyes and thus lower the eyebrows during the motion and you use the moment where he opens his eyes to open them in a way that will make the new expression..
much easier than and cleaner..
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The smear frames really do seem to make a difference! 

Thank you so much for your last response on the other thread. I'm keeping it in my inbox as an easy bookmark to reference your recommendations and advice - and also so I can reply back there after trying a few things

Thank you also for the watch! I hope one day soon we can learn from each other ^^
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!AweSome ArtWork!
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oh Wow :O Great movement
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It's so expressive and fluid! I always love seeing your rough animated work! Heart 
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This is SO well done!! Great job!
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