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Run-cycle.5 (sketch)

goddamnit, another one
This time I was just going through my playlist of reference videos and looking closer at one of them I felt the need to do another take on standard dog running.
I noticed that on the last one Run-cycle.3 by Remarin I had the feet come into contact with the ground really early,, while the reference showed that the legs are nearly perpendicular to the ground when it first gets contact.
So I figured maybe that's why it didn't feel much like a sprint at all.
And during the drawing off the neck portion I also noticed how instead of the head leading the movement, it seemed as if it was counter-balancing the up-movement of the torso raising up,, creating an edge ((the head moved even more in the reference,, maybe it's specific to greyhounds?))…

And I still dont know how to replicate the springy-ness of the wrists, how the feet dig into the ground. I feel like it's a real important aspect to properly conveying the force/flexibility it takes to keep up high speed >:I Do I show the impact traveling up the leg?? is it even possible with small amounts of frames??????

I didn't have the energy to compare every single aspect, so this is mostly.....more like a 4.5 , I even messed up the leg pattern plenty of times and had to redo the whole legwork because I wasnt very focused ((the more I look at the hindlegs, the more I dislike them,, it makes me remember that I actually dont really know the anatomical correct way hindlegs work ghghghgghhh))
(also, ignore the nonsensical tail whipping, it's just there for the sake of it)

This time it's just 10 frames, and at 18 f/s (done in Krita)
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This is definitely an improvement. I can see there's a lot of thought that goes into animation - a lot of 'science-thinking' too.  
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This is one of the best animation help videos ive seen check it out :)
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 I made a YCH Referenced off this, the movement helped a lot <3
YLH Runny run (OPEN) by RandomPhantom578
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You also fixed the spine!
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How do you do animations like this? Do you use a specific program? Your very talented and I admire your art Cool 
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The description mentiones the program I use in the last line: Krita.
But if you're new to digital animation, I can also recommend FireAlpaca. Both are primarily art programs (free) but FA's animation feature is simpler and easier to use than Krita's
(I draw each frame separately, so you technically could do animation with any drawing program simply by drawing each frame on one layer each, saving each frame as a PNG and going to a gif-maker website to process it into a moving gif. FA is basically just making that process easier, and offers you a preview option to check what it would look like when animated)… here's a neat tutorial going through how it's done in FireAlpaca.

Getting the program is just the first step though ;> you still have to learn how animation in general works
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You're so good! I've never been that good at drawing or animating for that matter, so looking at your animations like this helps me out with anatomy! 
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The head movement might be more visible on Greyhounds. I referenced a slow-mo video and noticed that they can sometimes hold their head lower than their chest is, the head between the front legs in their stretched position. Not sure if other dogs usually do that?
While Watching My aussie run she does have quite a lot of head movement when running at top speed, if she runs slower there's not that much head movement.

The animation look hella good though! I Love the back movement 👌
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i will say the previous one seems more wolf while this one dose take on a more greyhound stance with how it runs. also the other one looks like a slow jog while this is a full out run
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Well I would sure hope that this one looks more like a greyhound, since I referenced it off of a video featuring a greyhound sprinting ;D Link is in the description to that video.
The last one was referenced off of a husky btw (not exactly wolf, but it's a bit closer than straight up hound)
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i can definitely see the difference in stride for sure.
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All your animations have made me super curious about the canine's run cycle and I looked a few videos up now that I'm finally on my computer, it's actually really fascinating to see it slow motion! Do you think you'd ever try felines? 

I wish I could grasp the concept enough to confidently attempt animation.. XD I admire yours, though! Can't wait to see more, it's so neat watching your improvement with each one~
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The natural rhythm and neck and back composition are fantastic! 
You're doing so well! 
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I feel like the head and spine movement in this version give a definite sense of speed -- as if the dog is LUNGING forward with every stride. That aggressiveness of movement was partly missing from previous iterations.
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The last one felt much more like a lope; something an animal would do for distance and stamina more than an all out sprint. This one is a perfect run cycle!
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Maybe you could use a cheetah run in slowmotion as reference for extreme speed. Like this one:
It's just an idea though ^.^
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Well, if I'll ever use cheetah reference, then it will be to animate a cheetah x: When using reference, I try to replicate the body type and feel of the creature as well. I won't learn the subtle way how a dog moves their body and muscles in full sprint by looking at feline bodies.
I'm no expert but I think the way a cheetah can stretch, bend and flex their body is quite unique (( if it weren't, then there'd be more animals that would be able to run as fast as them, I guess ))
I might still be able to draw other felines when using cheetah reference, but if I'm going to draw canines, then I'd rather stay with their species ;I
Thank you in any case!
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Fair point :3
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Now that is what I call running fast! Great job!
Galvan1c-Miscr3ation's avatar
Someone mentioned and I'll elaborate, that greyhounds have a different run pattern than other dogs. In greyhound runs, the four feet are off the ground twice: when together and when splayed away from the body in the 'superman' kinda thing. Other dogs do not do this when they run, instead the back feet hit the ground almost immediately after the front feet begin to lift.  Overall the spine flexes far less in other dogs than in greyhounds and other sighthounds, and their run style is far more vigorous for this reason.  

Otherwise, you do a fabulous jobs with your run cycles :)  I still have trouble with my fullbody motions.
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If sped up, your previous animation resembles the way a dog moves when breaking into a run, digging in hard to gain traction. This animation very well represents a dog in a sprint. Not every dog, mind you, as several of them have even longer strides than that. But alongside your other animation, this is very good. Full marks from me. Well done.
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back legs are pretty equine looking, other than that looks great!
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