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As always, doing just one idea when animating just isn't enough, which is why I added that yawn half-assedly
The one thing I was surprised about is that the ear movement looks pretty nice actually, despite me not paying any attention at all on the spacing-timing relation of them while drawing

Done in Krita, 48 frames, at 10 frames/s, animated mostly straight ahead, mainly because I was too lazy to re-do a base sketch repeatedly :I
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I've been trying to animate in Krita for  a while now, but I can't get the onion layers to work. Could you help me out?
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This made me yawn xD
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Cute puppy yawn! I love it!
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could you imagine posting some the frame versions of a few animations?
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Putting the frames side by side is actually quite the tedious process,, very repetitive 😬 I've so far only done it for my portfolio
20-anim by Remarin 18-des Anim-c by Remarin

But you can actually turn a gif into frames by yourself as well! You can download the gif, and put it into this site for example and get yourself a png sequence.
(Or just google "how to turn gif into png sequence" / "-into frames")
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Wow you are amazing!! I didnt expect such a helpful answer <3 thank you so much
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I really have no idea how to animate. I understand frames, but loops and all the making layers for coloring confuses me. :p
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ikr same idk how really :(
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omg this is so, so, so good
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I'm quite fascinated by this! Well done on this piece indeed~
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i love it. i just learned how to animate in ps so i want to ry more. i did a really simple one and it took a long time, lol.
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The yawn is really good, you get a feel of how the mouth/jaw stretches, and nice lines and expression!
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Is really beautiful ^^ I always wanted to make an animation
What program do you use for this? 

(Sorry if something is wrong, I just do not know how to speak English very well.)
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I've drawn this in Krita! I recommend looking up a tutorial (like "how to animate in Krita") for it though, since I was at first a bit confused by the layout. You have to switch a specific setting to access the animation feature

If you are completely new to animation, I recommend starting with "fireAlpaca" first (I did so too)
Here's a video that showed me how to use it!…

Both FireAlpaca and Krita are free c:
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Thank you
I think I'll start as firealpaca ^^
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The yawn could have a second or so longer to linger, but otherwise it’s really nice!! ouo)/ I love seeing your animations 
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smoooth an sleepy
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That's so pretty Love 
Wish I knew how to do something like that!
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The simplification in the one forward-facing-frame is probably not intentional but I love it anyways? Watching you animate has been super awesome.
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Thank you! And if you're talking about the simplification toward the eyes closing, then yes that was entirely intentional :> If the speed was a tad slower, you'd be able to see the details going away frame after frame.
If it were only one sudden frame that is drawn minimalistic, shown only one tenth of a second, it would look like there'd be a missing frame, making it look choppy
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