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Poem 9 -The wolf and his boy-

This was the very first one I drew for the project :0

fade into the forest wrapped up in starlight haze
there came a beast of lunar legend and curled about his teeth was his boy
vivid blossoms grew out of his skin and petals fell from the wolfs canines

as azurite electricity played in lycan eyes
from the sharp fangs, the boy plucked hydrangeas
from his open wounds


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do you know of he who runs with the stars as pup would run with his pack

have you ever questioned how one of such innocence could bathe in the

blood of prey that they watched with bated breath; to sink their own fangs

into? Of course not, for that would mean one of pure innocence does exist

that one who's conscious is so clear that you would be able to see the depths

of their soul.

to be honest are we all wolves in sheep's clothing, we all await for the very

moment in time to rip out the throat of those who fear the thought of

baring our fangs at those who are too pure for this dark world. It makes

me laugh at the fools who believe that they can go through life without

eating, without devouring another wolf parading as a sheep, for again lets

lets be honest

To pursue ones dream one must be willing to strip another's down to the

very marrow, much like a wolf strips its prey till nothing remains.

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could you make a downloadable brush pack witht he brushes you use for Autodesk Sketchbook? i try my best to create this brush that you use but i cant get it quite right
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uuhm I sadly have no idea how to make brush packs? And I don't use Autodesk Sketchbook either, so I can't give you any advice on that :I The brushes I use come from packs that I've downloaded from other artists ( The first five from here… )
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ok thanks for getting back to me
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This is beautiful and the poem is gorgeous to the imagination <3
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Whoa, that's got to be one of mym favorites from your Poem series!
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That is beautiful! I really love the color scheme! 
It makes for a beautiful transition and adds layerdness to the drawing.
The curled lines give a feel of fluidity and wrap it all up really nicelly. 
It is interesting how enitially my eyes were fixed upon the center of the drawing ( the gazing maw and the boy in it) but as time passed and I looked around, the stunning outline of the forest and the night sky sprawned into existance. I had not noticed them at all at first.
And after all these fancy words I want to say thank you for crating this!
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This is my favorite so far <3
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so pretty, where do you find these poems?
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They were sent to me and written by the one who commissioned this project ;> and they agreed that I could display a couple of verses for each poem inspired work
Their tumblr is queerkirugon
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ahhhh nice! what a fun unique commission!
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omg, this is beautiful!
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absolutely love this
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