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Poem 10

This was probably the first time I drew such a conceptually complex piece, because gosh darn, there was such gorgeous imagery provided by the source material!


I've seen lightning spark beneath your skin
electric vibes surging within your veins

...monsters wrap wires about your heart, though their sphalerite eyes flicker blind
because there within your heart I am hunting shadows and with seraph blades blazing

I'll set the bodies of beasts aflame so they've got serrating shadows
but I run with the lions and I'm here for blood
and you, my citrine wolf feast on the hunt


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Amazing! Both the poem and the art compliment each other so well!

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your paintings are so inspiring and beautiful~
This one is really awesome. 
I've been watching your speedpaints on youtube; I feel like I grow each time I watch them, so I just feel the need to tell you that I really appreciate being able to see your work, and I hope you never stop.
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Thank you!! I'm really glad that the videos could have such an impact!!! I appreciate this a lot c:
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-cries- why you be so gooood
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terrific work
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this is so breath-taking omg
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Beautiful! Love these poem drawings you do!
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your artwork is so inspiring!! i love these colors, and the composition is so cool
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Damn amazing! I love the colors.
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i like the bottom 2/3 composition and poses
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Whoaa Rem, that's gorgeous!
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This one has to be my favorite. Good work Rem <3
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This is so beautyful, I love how you draw eyes and flames ! :D
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I really love the atmosphere you have give to the art :heart:
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