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Overwhelmed / ANXIETY

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Process video:

Love me some angsty dog boys, this is the fourth and last one of the bunch!!
Donating to the kickstarter can get all four of these artworks and ~90 other pieces sent to you printed out in a booklet!
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DreamV1rus's avatar
Hey, could you tell me what program you used, ty
Remarin's avatar
I use Photoshop elements.10 nwn/~
kyleeartist's avatar
could you send me the music link???
kyleeartist's avatar
I loved the video! try out these songs if you like^^…
Galvan1c-Miscr3ation's avatar
there's so much going on here with the symbolism!

I really like the phantom water level metaphor; as soon as I saw it I knew what it meant.
merdicano's avatar
I'm wordless by how fantastic it looks
OddOtterOut's avatar
Visceral and relatable!
Blue-Miaou's avatar
This looks fantastic
Mondracon's avatar
Wonderfully done. The lighting and expression and tension in the anatomy are spot on. Also know those feels.... ugh.
Monusha's avatar
The lighting and contrast is absolutely lovely and stunning- wow!! 
CandiedSnakes's avatar
The colors you used are great! The pose is also expressive which I really like!
ShadowSideMaster's avatar
Love these colors, looks amazing!
RiverQuartz's avatar
This illustrates a feeling I can relate to,,,

Stunning piece. Blues and pinks are :heart:
LodoBlue's avatar
I loove this one, it portrays so well how anxiety really feels. I've often described it as being like drowning or suffocating in an overwhelming flood of fear/stress/emotion. Beautiful work. <3
042099's avatar
wow thats crazy, i love the highlights
S6RR6's avatar
when I first started watching you years ago I remember thinking
"this person is gonna be really fuckin' good really fuckin' soon"
and here we are
AustrealisInk's avatar
Oh my gooood the colors are just eye candy! This is by far my favorite of your work :) The process video is so pleasing to watch~ 
Ech0Chamber-Emotes's avatar
I really enjoy the way you've portrayed/expressed this feeling.
I enjoy it! Please enjoy your artwork, and I wish good luck to you.
Inkendz's avatar
Omg the colors are everything <3
xXxMKayxXx's avatar
This is amazing. I couldn't stop staring at it when I clicked on it. I actually currently feel like this and this picture demonstrates that feeling perfectly. Your art is truly beautiful Rem, don't ever stop drawing!! 
Anna1597's avatar
Colors are so damn amazing!
heccawrou's avatar
gosh, listening and watching the speedpaint and seeing the finished product is so 
overwhelming!! i love the mood you portrayed in this!! and if i could buy the 
booklet i would qwqq 
Red-Fathom's avatar
Those are some deep looking holes.
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