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Mistaken / ANXIETY

Third image for this project:

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Process video:

You might notice that this is a revisited concept from:
:'3 had to re-explore that one for this anxiety project, since the original was drawn during prime-time angst season called "final exams".
In hindsight, there was nothing necessarily to be worried about,, my kinda exams were basically just normal tests covering bigger amounts of material. But you can't controll what stresses you out, now, can you.
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Yes, look at him

sipippings's avatar

i constantly listen/watch your speedpaints and this is always one i come back to watch

dragon-man13's avatar
damn this is pretty cool. really nice job there. I have to say that I
really like the awesome posture that you have drew there for your
creature. Also thump up on the shattering of the ice. The color work
that you have done there is also pretty nice too
~awesome piece and keep it up ;) 
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I can relate to this so well, but in a few different ways.. it's what continually brings me back to admire this piece

1. I feel like I have to be very careful in conversations, or else I might hurt someone I love. Most of the time it scares me away from talking at all.

2. Being so painfully aware that I will die one day, and any little mistake could bring that day closer.

3. Having to be careful in my decisions because as of now, my goals are clear, and if I take one one wrong step, it could kill any possibility of reaching my goals..

Not to mention, the perspective and lighting is 👌👌 and just everything about this I want to hug.
Tumblefall's avatar
this one really describes anxiety in a great way. the angle somehow makes it even more nerve wrecking. great work!
devALLjapan's avatar
Ahhh, related to that piece, cool revisit
MaydayJet's avatar
He is like: Oh boy-
merdicano's avatar
I'm very new to your deviant account, and I have to say that all of your concept artwork is fantastic!
Synthoil's avatar
So beautiful 
BoomBuzz's avatar
This is an amazing rendition and true to the source. Fantastic work.
Jundra-Sriwija's avatar
The first time I see this I thought its about perfectionism
PoltergeistNaga's avatar
This is exactly what it's like!

Thank you for sharing!
atram95's avatar
Your draw is Magnificent!! Congratulation I love it!!
Chickiepop's avatar
oh no you are melting
do not worry i'll put you in the freezer
jokes aside it's good
IdrilFox's avatar
Ohh, I know this feeling... You did amazing job here,the perspective,colors,expression,everything just fit the mood you wanted to show!
Very cool! Love the colors! 
EpithetNoctem's avatar
Amazing use of color and prespective! And great idea getting the point across. I understood what the image was before I even saw the title. Keep up the great work!
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Damn, that is some stellar foreshadowing there.
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