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-Human Anatomy-

What do I even call this? A tutorial? A How-To? Advice&tips? Analysis/breakdown?
(btw concerning the proportion-thing in the top right corner, I really dislike using the "half-quarters-etc" size-charts, because no matter what I do- it always looks better when I depend on my gut feeling instead of trying to measure my way out of a pose. BUT it's good to know that the elbows align with the waist/bellybutton, and the wrist aligns with the crotch-area,etc,, because you can use those reference-points even when doing weird poses - you just have to re-imagine the limb into a more basic pose to check if your proportions aren't too off)

DISCLAIMER: this sheet on anatomy was made without direct reference at hand, the main focus here is on simplifying anatomical shapes and stuff, so there's definitely areas that might be off or slightly misplaced/unproportional etc.

All my knowledge on human anatomy is a big amalgamation of small details I've learned gradually over mutliple years,, trying to explain the behind-the-scenes that go on in my mind while making illegible scribbles that suddenly turn into human muscle-structures isn't an easy thing for me :'I so I apologize for the lack of actual explanations
The main thing is that I mentally visualize the 3D shapes constantly while drawing, but that's not really something you can learn by just looking at a couple of sketches.

All I can do is point you to some of the sources that helped me get to this point:… <-ProkoTV's in detail anatomy lessons, covers musculature and skeleton a site made for figure drawing to practice and learn from observation, and I recommend looking into "gesture drawing" if your posing is looking stiff (ProkoTV has videos on gesture too, that's separate from his anatomy videos)

My personal collection of anything anatomy related… and more specifically anything human related… to learn from fellow artists, old paintings and photo reference

I'd recommend to check out these posts in particular, since some of the info shown here originates from them:

Make a habit out of seeking out information that could help you understand the subjects you're interested in a bit better!

btw a couple of the illustrations I picked to sketch ontop of have videos of their actual processes as well you can check out on my youtube
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lolmakerofdoomlol's avatar
my brain is pressing against my skull i am learning so much from this
Sereida-Arts's avatar
This is pretty useful, thanks!
sevenofeleven's avatar

I will learn a lot from this.
Uwnycorne's avatar
thank you ! it's my bible !
( so you are my god :0 ? )
Cyansky95's avatar
Solid work I've definitely always liked your anatomy skills! And those lil faces lol
PolycerasycoTOAO's avatar
Kehia's avatar
This is awesome! I really need to start breaking down the anatomy into shapes when drawing dynamic poses.
Kagisnad's avatar
-tsk- Noice
doin' the good work
Darkzterroid's avatar
This will help me alot, especially with the arms, because I really struggle to keep them uniform in terms of proportion and muscle definition. You're amazing!
Konveekou's avatar
Your anatomy is really, really good..!
These are looking so cool.. thanks for the candy ah :love:
CrazyDragy's avatar
Gosh, i hope one day i can scribble like that too haha, anatomy is quite the nut to crack!
xXxMKayxXx's avatar
I needed this!! Thank you so much Rem for posting this!! I feel like I can always get the best info from your page! :heart::heart::heart:
smileypenguin98's avatar
that's an amazing human anatomy sketch!
kkraehenkoenig's avatar
thank you for this useful materials  <\3
BellocCose's avatar
how about calling it awesome :]
7712's avatar
this is very useful. I even liked how you showed an arm is like a chain (at the top right, below the fancy man)
Dragonluvr1's avatar
I love how you keep the anatomy really serious, but make the faces silly
DEXAROTH's avatar
hasdfs bless you I was just trying to figure out anatomy yesterday this is super handy
Doukz's avatar
I just,,, I can't stop staring at that one in the top right corner,,, that face,,, on that body,,,
all of this is beautiful, thank you!
jennylovesskittles's avatar
this is so helpful omg
charlaen's avatar
Your an amazing artist
Szerelmigond's avatar
yeaa interesting draws' *Free Icon/Emote* Surprised Pusheen 
so....Pearl Emote 11 
NICE work!!!! I love your drawings Kawaii Face: Smile 

Jun-Kou's avatar
the male anatomy you do is an ultimate goal to me lmfao

so im thankful you submit these kind of sketch-tutorials :heart: :heart:
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