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How to draw Snarly Wolves: Advice and Tipps

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This is pretty much most of the details I keep in mind when drawing open-mouthed anrgy dogs. I'm not sure how much of it is biologically accurate or how much of it is stylized,, but it fits the aesthetic that I like when it comes to snarly faces.

I've pointed out and explained some of the stuff that I do naturally, or that I don't even have to include in my preparation sketch to know that it's there (so comparing my doodles and sketches to see if I'm consistent with my own technique might not show the best results)
For example, even if I just draw a curve for the upper front teeth during the sketch,, in my lineart I'll still draw the far-left/and right teeth bigger than the middle ones. The curve represents for me, the placement of the teeth, not necessarily the size of gums+teeth.
But even then, that rule might still get ignored when it simply looks better without it.

SO keep in mind that some angles work better than others when you simplify forms! If you find that something looks off, or out of proportion, then you gotta experiment and see for yourself why it looks off, and what you can do to imrpove it!
I for one, still have trouble with perspective and often, I'll end up shuffling around teeth placement until it looks about right.

Don't be afraid to exaggerate things if you like the look if it! play around, my depictions of the 'canine' teeth are for example way too big and extremely curved, but that's how I like them. You are allowed to give in to your instinct, even if they might be realistically totally impractical. Knowing anatomy might simply improve your stylisation, or help when you have trouble with a difficult/new angle, but other than that, don't be too hard on yourself if it "doesn't look right", art is a difficult thing >:0

(I quickly threw this together since someone asked me on the process video of:
Mutation. by Remarin on how I drew the open muzzle + teeth at that angle)

Here are some more angry dogs with pretty teeth:
Headshot:. LunarFields by Remarin Sketch Commission:. Hakan by Remarin Tooth ache. by Remarin

But i cant mention it enough,, just glancing at reference can help!! Even if you totally dont like the realistic way a dog mouth works,, just seeing how it looks can give you ideas how to improve your own way of drawing them!
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DarkForest5Hobbyist Digital Artist

Thank you!

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SwabluesHobbyist Digital Artist
very useful!!!<3
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KhaosArt6Student Digital Artist
VERY USEFUL. So glad I found this lol
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SwabluesHobbyist Digital Artist
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this will be useful for me, thanks :)
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KayleeBaikStudent Traditional Artist
Wow, even your sketches look professional 
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goosetoothHobbyist General Artist
very helpful thank you!
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EmeraldDaffodilsHobbyist Digital Artist
You are a life-saver! Thank you so much <3
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0Luna123Hobbyist General Artist
Finally found a good tutorial about it!  CAN I GET AN AMEN?!
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merko1234Hobbyist Digital Artist
do you have any advice on how to draw ears? (not human ears XD)
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RemarinStudent Digital Artist
Well, it actually took me a while to get the hang of ears :0 they're not simple flat triangle shapes, but actually more like .... shaped like scoops? Cones that are cut in half and have rounded tips? Like if you look at… you see that it's round at the base and such... Looking at reference always helps,, and not just plain looking, but actually trying to understand the forms and different shapes.
Though I don't know the exact anatomy of ears, and mostly improvise stuff like, inner fur placement.... It's rare that I draw characters with realistic wolf-type ears in any case. And there're so many possible variations, so it might just be best to play around and find what kind of style / look, you like the most?

Here's some more useful stuff I found while doing a quick search: How to Draw Canine Ears Tutorial #1
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merko1234Hobbyist Digital Artist
Okay! Thank you so much :)
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Oh, this is really great (especially love the four first headshots with the blue marks, even if its only nose/muzzle and eyes, it looks so cute xD). It's pretty neat to have a bit of an insight how you sketch your drawings and what you think of.
I just got one more question (tho I'm kinda sure it's again just something that can be made with refs, but I tend to be kinda stupid). My biggest problem ist the pulled back muzzle when the woof snarls. I always mess it up and it looks super unnatural and not pulled back at all but like it was just put more higher. Do you have tips for that?
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RemarinStudent Digital Artist
 boop that snoot by Remarin I hope this helps :I
you really gotta imagine all those facial muscles scrunching up,, try snarling/frowning yourself, and you should notice that even if you keep your mouth closed,, snarling will expose your gums. It's important to know that a snarling dog crunshes up all his facial muscles visually for the sole purpose of fully exposing his canine-teeth. All those pulled up muscles will be folding at the top of the nose-bridge. The pattern in which they fold can vary,, I usually go for the "diamond" shape, shown in the bottom right corner there.
So all the musclefibers of the snout move in an upward motion, while the teeth stay stationary or even in an downward motion(when biting)
,, I also like to exaggerate the.. creases that go along with the..dots? the dotted lines where the whiskers go,, simply to accentuate even more the up^^^motion
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Oh, wow, I wouldn't have expected a little sheet, holy cow, thanks!!
Looks like I still got a lot to learn about canine muzzles, aaah xD
But this cleared quite some things up, thanks a lot<3
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RemarinStudent Digital Artist
You're welcome!! Once you start getting the feel of it down,, it'll get easier! The tricky part is to be able to really see what you want to draw,, I can't really explain it other than imagining it in X-ray vision in your head? You want to have a real beast pictured in your mind, all in 3-D with muscles, bones and tendons,, seeing it move and express emotion,, and then put that 3-D moving image on paper/screen as a 2-D image,, maybe stylized, simplified, changed according to your inspiration/muse. That's as close as I can get to explain what it feels like to me,, but god I have no idea how to intentionally train and level up that imaginative picturing of the thing you want to draw. It can happen by chance, it can happen over long periods of time and practice, it can happen while you take a long break from drawing,, and it's different for each person :I
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DezigreHobbyist Digital Artist
That's really helpful. People who share their experience are so kind lol XD
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Noxeorn General Artist
Oh, thank you for that tutorial! It's really helpfull.
Before I just couldn't find normal tutorials about snarling
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Aoi-Haruko-AyameHobbyist Digital Artist
I love this! I've been working on open mouths recently so this is a huge help!
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Galvan1c-Miscr3ationHobbyist General Artist
Thank you
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Just-Joeying Digital Artist
bless your soul for this
I've always struggled with snarly creatures
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TaurtStudent Digital Artist
Informative Love 
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Kre-KaelStudent Filmographer
Aaa super helpful!! :D Ive struggled with angry doggies for a long time, this helps a lot!
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steamplonkStudent Digital Artist
this is super helpful! thanks a ton!!
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