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Headshot:. Daire

For: :icongypsyfate: Hope you like it!!

Process video:

Still figuring out photoshop CC! Tested a couple of fur brushes and briefly some blending brushes :0c but the latter was a bit neglected since I still wanted to keep things clean, didn't want to go wild
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you are my master

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Hey I used this amazing painting as a reference for a position in one of my drawings and I posted it on a amino and a lot of people said I'm plagiarizing you for referencing and are trying to get my verified artist title removed. I'm sorry. I really love you and your art.
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Yo! I don't mind it when people use my art to help their own, though it's always safer to ask beforehand. When people notice similarities, you could then quickly shut down any suspicions by letting them know you have gotten my permission. But also, when people ask me, I usually try to mention that I would prefer it if I was being given credit for it if it's going to be posted online :0 Just a small "referenced off of Remarin" or smth would be enough. Credit can lead to new people seeing my art yes sure,, but it also mainly helps avoid situations like these. Because folks will quickly jump to "worst-case-scenario" conclusions when they recognize someone's art being referenced without any mention of the original,, and will presume that that artist is trying to profit off of someone else's work in more ways than just artistic growth and intentionally hide it.
All in all, as long as you don't trace the artwork line for line and don't use it for monetary gains, then you'd be safe in my books
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Thank you so much, this really means alot, you are the best and I will keep following you until the end, this reply will really help me, thank you so much for replying so fast and taking time out your day, I will do what you said in the future, thank you so much
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Mmmm yes, i like it!
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the reflection ont he eyes win a Fav!
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I love this <3
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gosh i need to get some art from you, this is stunning <3
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The first word that came to mind:

i love your artwork!
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That's really stunning! 
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amazing artwork! that fur looks so soft! ;A;
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His fur...I wish I could squeeze it. hug 
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It looks like a whole universe in his eye!! I love everything about this asdfghjkl
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Aaaa your painting style is so beautiful and smooth, I love it!!
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ur so talented wtf
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i love love love the moon reflection in his eyes!!
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Wow this is beautiful!!
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Nice work. How's things going
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Thanks! Things have been quite busy :'> still adapting to school schedule but been trying to absorb every bit of information
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It can be difficult. Even more if you need to get a job with it.
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omg the eye is amazing :o
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Such inspiration! Love your style ! 
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