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F: Critical Role - Yasha

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I'm soft for 1one socially awkward lady barbarian

Didnt expect to draw smth so soon, and wasn't even sure who I'd draw - but an universal truth is that there's never enough art of buff women<3

Also, to be honest, it's been months since I last had one of those "starts drawing - blinks - 3 hours later - ok done" type of trances, and I missed that, man.
I feel like it's gonna take a bit to get into the groove, gotta rebuild my self-confidence a bit cause I still feel veryvery uncertain whenever I'm drawing humans,, lots of second-guessing.
Though I'm curious what it looks like from you guys's perspective? Like I know that during my hiatus I've gotten more concious of values/shading, and the importance of well-placed ambient occlusion shadows ( ie. the darkest spots, where light doesnt reach ) and that can already make a huge difference, but I haven't actually had much chance to do exercises in practice - my last month of school had less and less actual drawing, and more just putting together stuff in After Effects. So all my growth and improvement has centered around animation, the making/finishing of a project - and all technical drawing skill has only had a chance to advance passively?
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AriestaChong9Hobbyist General Artist

Absolutely lovely!

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KagancowaHobbyist Digital Artist

I'm so glad you are finally able to get some rest ! Those subtle lights on her armor, jewelry, hair and face <3333 And I'm gonna need to discover to make those soft but deep shadows like that.... I'm waaaay too scared of shading heheee

And most probably hundreds of people already told you that, but I can't help it but join them !

I am so glad I found you on youtube 4 years ago, and just couldn't help it but start drawing myself, and I finally got brave enough to make a DA account and post what I do. Thank you so much for sharing your art processes, I've learned more than I could ask for !

We all really missed Rem Llama Emoji-02 (Blush) [V1]

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AleksadreNoirHobbyist Traditional Artist

So calm///:+favlove:

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Galvan1c-Miscr3ationHobbyist General Artist

Oh, I love this!!!

I relate a lot to your insecurity—I spent the past year starting my first real job, and while I love it, I’ve been kind of distracted and because I’m a technician, I work with my hands and don’t need to sketch to keep myself occupied like I did in school. I’m trying to return to it, but wow I feel rusty...

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Kagster301Hobbyist Digital Artist

I will never not adore everything you create. <3 It's wonderful. You've certainly improved over time, but I've never once been displeased with anything you've drawn. :)

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IsabellaBronNew Deviant

Ammm lady barbarian :hug:

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drawcoholStudent Digital Artist

IN-SA-NE. :clap:

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Yas, Yasha!

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DaniloolinadHobbyist General Artist

Yasha design is so beautiful and your art is amazing!

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AceCanDrawStudent Traditional Artist

It looks beautifull and the almost mournful look in her face makes me think she is thinking of those she has lost or hurt.

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echiax Digital Artist

It's so awesome your first piece is a human! It must feel so good to have gotten into the flow of it while drawing something challenging.

I think despite your absence, you haven't lost touch with your values. The lighting is soft and subtle, perfectly suited for the serene scene you've painted, and your use of darks are perfect. And as always, your anatomy and muscle structure is flawless ^^

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RemarinStudent Digital Artist

Thank you!! And yeah, I never would've guessed that my very first piece out of school would be fanart of a human character (drawing faces is still veryvery daunting) - but the need to draw smth CR related has been buzzing around in my head for weeks now, so it was just to jump right into it.

And yah, very gratifying,, I'm repeating myself, but it's just so good to be back

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echiax Digital Artist

You're very welcome! I find a huge amount of inspiration from your work, and especially watching your speedpaints to see how you create them. I think I've seen them all at least twice now, and I would always watch your speedpaints of humans multiple times just to watch your process as you figured things out since I often struggle with humans as well. I love being able to watch your sketching process and find that I learn so much from seeing how you do mock ups!

It's so good to see you full of inspiration and motivation again after being gone so long, and it's so nice to have you back ^^

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Omg!! I...i cant understand how can you be soooo good!! Dont you have some tips for me i have really biiiiiiig problem with coloring and shading😅 ireály really really really LOVEEEEE YOUR ART AND IM REALLY HAPPY THAT YOU ARE BACK!!! 😁sorry if im bothering you! 😅

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RemarinStudent Digital Artist

Thank you!!! And no worries, coloring is tricky so don't hesitate to use help from outside sources ( using premade color palettes, color picking from photos, using interesting color combinations of other artwork etc) it can help give you a starting point from where to work from! There are some very good videos on color usage too !

For shading, it's also tricky, maybe even trickier because you can't really use any outside help for that since every drawing will be unique :s you gotta be conscious of the shapes and forms of the thing you're drawing, since the shadows are immediately dependant on how light hits different surfaces. ProkoTV has some good videos too but in the most simplified manner, you have to ask yourself: where does the light come from, and, where does the light not reach.

Things will get more and more complex the more you start to figure things out, so just take it one step at a time :'> like, I still only rely on my intuition/ gut feeling for so many of the decisions I make when shading ( like, how dark to I make the shadows, how blurry/sharp do I make the edges, where do I put highlights etcetc )

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