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C:. Roach

For: :iconmuddsleeve: Hope you like it!!

Process video:

Gotta do this fish-eye lens type thing more often >:0 I'm not yet familiar enough with it to really make it work like I picture it
But hey, I've recently gotten more confident in my backgrounds!
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Perfect! i don't know for what but it is!:clap:

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Roach, where's Geralt?
iamSketchH's avatar
lol, kind of makes me think of a tikbalang.
K0NIGWULF's avatar
Love the perspective! I struggle so hard with fish-eye, but it's like visual crack for me. Color values are also just so damn good along the muscles, wow.
ruthelli's avatar

This looks wonderful!

EternaIIyGold's avatar
:eyes: I see a Roach!!
This looks so freaking cool!
KAT-KUN00664's avatar
this looks amazing keep it up
RamenMom's avatar
So cool! I love the palette and the composition!!
Wesdaaman's avatar
What do we got here? A chalicothere?
Zaidan's avatar
wow, it's like a Were-horse...beat that Twilight.
Wesdaaman's avatar
Or chalicothere.
Banjoker's avatar
Siansaar's avatar
Love the brushwork.
edgy-canopener's avatar
always amazing <3
BeetleInABottle's avatar
You’ve hit a milestone ❤️
TheLowestPickle's avatar
The background is beautiful!! The entire thing is but I do like me some backgrounds
Raymh's avatar
Oh, I can't wait to watch the process video on this! It looks amazing!
AllenFox42's avatar
Shnapple, this is GREAT!
Latrana's avatar
Oh my god I love the colors and the shading <333
also I want to pet him, his neck fluff looks so soft owo
vgmart's avatar
Nice pose and composition ^^
Fotoref's avatar
Can't wait to see another piece!
AmusedSerpent's avatar
Just went to watch the process video, and oh boy, this is a beauty =3 I do get the fish perspective thing though. When I looked it up it was chaotic but it looked so cool. Maybe I can learn fish lens perspective one day too... Anyways, it looks awesome!Heart  
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