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C:. PopTheBlimp

For: :iconpoptheblimp: Hope you like it!!

Process video:
(This species is called CCCat if you're interested in looking up more about them!)

mmmmh god I just love drawing arms wth
Just generally had lots of fun with the anatomy on this one. And even though I didn't put that much thought into it during, - the lineart X painterly-style fusion worked really well this time? Things were just flowing very naturally and quick idk
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ngl if this creature wanted to kill me, I would not be upset.

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Reminds me creepily of a colourful licker from Resident Evil 2.

xD Really cool design.
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Amazing How do you create your poses? Did you use references?
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the colors are so nice aa
LightinLyn's avatar
ohhh yeaah!
it's so vicious!
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I adore the pose on this piece! Everything looks so good~ I would love to see a full completely painted piece like this one! So dynamic~
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reino mandame los planos plis

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Love the design and the colors...can I get one as a pet? :D
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I like your Dragon way cool camo great job
wolfzo's avatar
Beautiful as always Remarin
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I saw the thumbnail and thought it was the coolest fan created corrupted gem (Steven Universe) ever. The colors drew me in, too.
GlaxusPlaxus's avatar
Dude yes I love how you drew those arms and hands, quasi-humanoid creature features ftw
I think the lighting on the eye is pretty neat too.
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this art is so good it makes me wanna bust a nut
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Whoaaaa this thing is so rad and creepy! Awesome work!
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Such a cool design! I love it! ^-^
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what a creepy critter! I love it 
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I wouldn't mind getting eaten by that Majestic thing. in a non dirty way.. seriously I'd die happy..
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ooooh this is so freaking cool aaah
Exempdent's avatar
Have this thing fall on your party inside a dungeon and see if you don't have a heart attack,
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