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Published: December 21, 2016
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Thats a good butt if I may say so myself

Anywayyyy.. BOOM HELLYEAH the frigging bone thingie happend by accident while testing different effects of glowy-glow that should radiate from the thingie-stuff black-hole and one of the effects looked like it made the skin/flesh see-through and I just had to jump onto that, like duh no surprise there
aaah mann this was so satisfying to draw

And as a side note, tomorrow and the day after, I got 2 tests (but one of them is for an art subject) so commissions will still come slow until after christmas,, after that I should be able to up the activity in the following week or two ;0 I do still have some assignments for the vacation, but I should be able to handle it
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WylfenStudent General Artist
That butt tho
So damn cool! Absolutley amazing muscular structure and contrast :la:
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KiskurStudent Digital Artist
omg I LOVE the way you paint I'm gonna collapse
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thelilcreepHobbyist General Artist
stop being cool Britney Spears Upset 
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DeestractedHobbyist Digital Artist
gosh your art is always such a pleasure to see in my inbox ;_; you're one of the few artists whose art i actually study closely every time
that translucent effect is absolutely wonderful as well aaaaaa accidentally doing something cool is the best feeling <3
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Oooh thank you!!! O: I appreciate that a lot!!!
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alridpathStudent General Artist
Ohhh my lord??? The translucent skin is BEAUTIFUL! your paintings are do mesmerizing omg ;_;
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Thank you!!!! uwu/
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cool bone thingie
good butt too

good luck on your tests
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and thanks, tomorrow I'll draw an entire graphic project (like designing a logo, or advertisment poster etc) in 5 hours, and on friday I'll be writing about Goethe's "Faust" yayy
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i hope it went well
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Yeahh it was ok, we got a real b*tch of a theme for graphic "design a Post stamp that celebrates 20 years of mobile phone" and we'll hear how our grades turned out when we get back to school. And concerning Faust.. I still know that as soon as I exited that room, I was happy to completely exile any thought on that stuff from my brain
it was ok :I
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lol that theme is lameeee.
faust is a good piece though.. i would have been happy to study it !
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It is really fascinating and damn amazing that it's ENTIrely written in verse,, it just becomes a reeal pain when you have to know 20 different quotes by heart that sometimes are 1-2 verses and other times 4-5
(I'm fairly good learning them, still know some right now even,, it's just really stressful)
Let me impress you with my german Faust quotes ;O because what the hell are you supposed to do with this knowledge other than to brag??
"Es irrt der Mensch so lange er strebt" or "Da steh ich nun ich armer Tor und bin so klug als wie zuvor" which are still interesting since they have some philosophical thought,, but because our Prof likes it when we can prove any of our statments with quotes I even learned the ones that go like "Heinrich! Mir graut's vor dir!"
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oh yeah the work itself is great but needing to memorize it and quotes and all that fucking useless bullshit which we had to do for school too, spoils it. :L
personally i think it's stupid to have to memorize quotes- some people can do it- which is cool. but personally i cannot for the life of me. i can, however, provide a thorough and comprehensive analysis of the work, proving my understanding of its value & moral teachings.
muy cool that you can remember them though. i mean, some art great, yes. but it suffices to appreciate and understand them, to learn from them. remembering them is just a bonus, should not be a requisite.
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Yupppppp, our prof is p chill tho,, I haven't dared to,, but he says that we could theoretically still write a good essay without any quotes,, maybe with excessive paraphrasing, but still. I'm simply not confident enough in my German language-mastery to not depend on extra points
(During oral exams he even bought croissants for a class of over 20, he's really damn nice)
....So yeah there's also simply a small part that wants to learn 'em all, just to be on his good side

But other than that, it feels quite a bit like a bunch of knowledge I'll never use ever again :I
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