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AYO! Due to a singular comment recommendation on one of my youtube videos I'm now participating in this years artfight
The short explanation is: it's basically a competitive free-for-all art trade. Someone draws art of the characters you've submitted to your profile, and that counts as an "attack". You can get revenge by drawing that persons characters back at them.
Every user is put into one of two groups which compete ((but I've seen something about "friendly fire" too,, so I guess you can attack your own teammates as well? I'm on the moon team btw)) Come at me with your artwork and I'll pay back >:0

This was a "revenge" against an attack from SmolKingg (same username on artfight)
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...I am going to friendly fire u so hard tho
intoAphelion's avatar
Oh my god I fucking ADORE the expression here, hot dAMN
Heosphoros-Ithuriel's avatar
We're on opposite teams! Oh yeah, I'm definitely gonna attack you >:)
pearl83's avatar
wow that deatale makes me shiver inside
o0Masked-Bandit0o's avatar
Think I can maybe attack you even if you're on my team? :P
Remarin's avatar
I think so?? Don't know what will happen tho :I maybe you get negative points or smth
o0Masked-Bandit0o's avatar
Haha okay xD Well I'll take that risk lol
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