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whoops didn't get as much done this year as I wanted to
BUT it's at least more than last year! qwq progress is still progress I guess

For more info on the characters and character owners, you can check each piece out over here
Also a huge thanks to all the people drawing my squad of boys, because holy crap >8000 so much great artwork aahhhhhhhh!!

and drawing faces has been becoming more and more fun gosh,, even if I'm still a bit "????" at the moment, about what I want my style to look like. So all I can do is try to experiment here and there but ultimately just do my best to make stuff look as good as possible
folks, fake it till ya make it, man
It might look like I know what im doin', but boiiiii nopppe
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Thank you again for drawing Joey! It is one of my favorite pieces I have ever received of my Characters!

Also thank you for inspiring me! You are one of my biggest inspirations!
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That makes me very happy!!! :D They were a joy to draw!!!
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OOf I love these so much aa
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ok this is the initial group of fighters? hahahah nice ones!
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such beautiful skin tones...
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SUCH SHINY PRETTY BABES. The coloring is great, I'm particularly impressed with shiny lady up top to the left and I love the pose of the bottom right. Craning necks are all the rage. That squiggly redhaired hunny makes me so happy and I don't know why. Maybe her smile is infectious. I just love darker skin tones and red hair UNF <3
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Only beautiful people! Heart 
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I'm glad I find you on deviantArt. :D
I really like your style and how you drew my Cat-OC Aschenfeder. <3 Thanks a lot to you again for that great piece of Art. 
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You are very skilled. I love the colours you pick and these delicate lines.
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AAAAA everything looks so nice???
also idk why but the dark skinned dudes skin looks like short dark fur than skin? like short fur on dogs and cats? was that on purpose?
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I wish I had the time to fight you, but there's always next year. Best of luck to the both of us growing more!
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Nice mini shoes lol. I Loved t)(e ANXIETY works, the sket)(es are lovely and some 'r cute (not as adorbz as best boi , but still...), amazing expressions and faces everyw)(ere, even if you don't know w)(at ya doing haha. Congrats on the progress ^^

Goooooooooooo )(S! lel
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Man. I'm so seriously impressed by how smooth your skin and everything is colored. Lookit that blending and gorgeous choice of colors. COLORS, ahhh ; v; so beautiful.
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oh wow!
all of these look so good!
really loving the 1st and last one~
fantastic work on each of these though!
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The way you paint skin is so smooth and nice looking!
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Ahhh I shoulded attack before ! I was the next attack after your last one ! I Hope i can get an artwork from you next year >w< 
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How I pick which attack to counterattack really has no actual system :''3 but yeah, I'll hopefully be in a more productive state of mind next art fight!
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