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whoops didnt mean to wait this long to post this one :0

here's the process video:…

I once again remembered that I at some point started to avoid depending too heavily on using too much black to make my color usages work. But thinking "hey now, if i wanna use black, I still can just use black"you know? after all, as everyone probably knows, I love dark looking artwork- so while yes sure, I'll learn more efficiently how to use colors if I actually draw with more color,, doesn't mean I have to aalways avoid black either

though yes, I totally forgot how to draw his horns for this one, and just ended up settling
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There’s something about the reflective eye and half the body in shadow that is so pretty.  The lighting is amazing, too!  I can almost feel the moonlight on my own skin just by looking at this painting. 
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Really haunting and majestic at the same time. Very realistic looking and beautifullllll

This is what i see when i try to scavenge for water XD
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aaAAAAAAA i will NEVER stop being a fan of your art this is AMAZING and it INSPIRES THE HECK outta me
BamboozledWyvern's avatar

spooky scary skeletons, send shivers down your spine!

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cool idea for a new monster
I like that it has fur
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i like this a lot.
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This is incredible!
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Creepiness is amplified by the fact tha this piece isn't even named.
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This is so great!!! I love it!!!:D

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The lighting is so nice.
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This looks awesome. And honestly, black can be a great tool to direct the attention of the eye.

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Absolutely incredible!  :o (Eek) Clap 
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I'm sorry but this is so well done I had to blink, like 3 times.

This is just beautiful and I love it so much and you did an amazing job.

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woah wait?? the lighting in this is so well done that i had to zoom in w/o my glasses to see that it was a painting. 
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beautifully eerie
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yaay! I was wondering when you would post this here, I loved the process video. X3
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Gosh I adore this boy so much, definitely amazing art

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