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For those of you who'd love to see a more artistic, dynamic, and exotic retelling of the original Jurassic Park story, join us and share your wishes. You have nothing to lose.

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If there's anyone here who has read Crichton's THE LOST WORLD, and likes the book, but is also smart enough to understand that it's a heavily problematic (fundamentally flawed) book, you should write an entire plot recap/outline of the book, specifically explaining what happens in each chapter, but also mentioning the many moments of poor writing (or lack of good writing).

You can post your outline/recap/review in a blog at Blogspot.com, or some other Journal-based website, even here on DeviantART.

The reason this is important is because:
If someone finally decides to re-adapt both Jurassic Park & The Lost World to be closer to the books, they'll need to understand that The Lost World is a very problematic book, that it's fundamentally flawed, and several elements/characters (from the book) would need to be "changed" for the sake of better storytelling (when I say "changed", I mean IMPROVED, NOT REPLACED, because Spielberg did the latter with his movie, which is why the movie is hated by fans.) It is possible to change elements/characters from a book in order to make them better, WITHOUT replacing those elements/characters.

But first the reboot's filmmakers would need to know everything that happens in the book AND WHY it's not good writing, so they can understand what would need to be done to make it better, in a way that doesn't replace the book's elements/characters.
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