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Ahe - Moth Dragon

I may make a charahub page for them if I really come to like them after their design is... considered fully complete. Further thoughts on that, I may add two or four more antenna's or add smaller looking ear that has a similar shape to the antenna's, also I may add a type of hair piece style on their head, blending in with the fuzzball fur. And I'm unsure of the shape of what I have drawn for the tail so it may change. Adding some more info, but the fuzzball fur from the head to the chest also goes down their spine ending at their tail, and three toes on their feet at the front, but I may add another at the back of the foot, or at the front. Dunno.

▪️ Design based on a rosy maple moth with semi dragon like features.
▪️ Rest of the body is covered in short fur
▪️ The Fluff on the legs is long
▪️ Fluff at the start of the tail is long
▪️ Ahe has five eyes


💢 Do not trace my work (For private practice is okay. )
💢 Do not use as a base (I'll allow if it's non-profit, but credit if you plan on posting.)
💢 Do not repost my work without my permission (Please ask.)
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