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My 10th Year on DA!

HaHA! 30 minutes to midnight! Made it just in time! 

August 7th is not only DA's birthday, but it's also MY birthday, as well as the day that I first joined DA! Hard to believe that it's been 10 years, huh? I've made some of the longest friends that I have here on the site, and it's such a joy to be a part of the community. Times change, people change, but I will always be thankful to this site for letting me share my passions with people that genuinely like what I do. Shout out to the people who are still stickin' with me after so many years haha, we've been through a lot huh? x'D

When I first started on DA, I was drawing Sonic fanart ALL THE TIME. So, thinking of that, I really wanted to draw my favorite speedster today. I may not draw Sonic fanart as much as I use to, but the blue blur will ALWAYS hold a special place in my heart. Did you guys see the OK KO meets Sonic crossover?? It was so cute!! ;w;

Also, thanks you guys for all of the sweet birthday wishes. It means a lot to me! ;w;
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Lookin' cool! Grats on coming this far.
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Happy Birthday and congrats!

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Happy tenth year, and happy birthday! It's pretty amazing looking back on what we drew a lot when we were younger, and even if we don't do the same art as frequently, it's true that it always holds a special place in our heart! I'm kind of the same way with The Legend of Zelda! Love the games and characters, but don't draw for it nearly as much as I may have in the past.
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Wow, congratulations! Good to know you've been here for a while. How has the journey been so far? Any significant changes since then?
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Happy 10th anniversary, and a good luck to an 11th.
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Thank you, Neon! :D
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Yush no prb girl cX
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Happy birthday!! (*´﹀`*)
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