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Something ooold, finally posting the giveaway winner's little painting! The idea for this comes from the lovely Eirlude.

(life updates!)
Well that was a really long 'week or two absence', sorry! School is actually keeping me much much busier than expected so I can't finish any personal art, and all of my electives are next semester so I’m not making any presentable stuff yet either.
 I’m gonna get as much work as possible done during winter break though, so if you guys don’t mind sticking around til then I’ve got some fun stuff planned <3
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Reminds me the painting by Fragonard (:
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Such a happy beautiful painting!
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This is really beautiful! Love the colours and the detail. What a talent!
Hajimeramiezu's avatar
Wonderful work! 
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wow, this is amazing! :)
Wonderful colours and a very nice composition.<3
Serendipity1889's avatar
"You are my sunshiiiiiiine, my only sunshine...
You make me happy, when skies are gray!"
This is beautiful! Beautiful in every sense of the word.Can't wait to go out and try this myself this summer.
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What a full, colorful scene!  How beautiful!
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I am with the people. amazing colors!
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I love the colors!La la la la 
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whee! =D This is so cheerful!
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You just made my day :)
KaylaAnnStudio's avatar
I love how you outline the focus in your pictures sometimes :meow:
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Really great colors, composition, and light. Your brushwork is particularly well done here--loose and deliberate at the same time. Lovely.
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That's so beautiful it almost brought a tear in my eye. Fantastic Job! :love:
AnastasiaReddress's avatar
I love it! So warm and sweet art!
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Ahh, this looks really beautiful !!!
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Thank you!! >v<
TheShakunai's avatar
you're welcome !!!
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can you make this into a print?
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