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February 25, 2014
The suggester writes: "The attention to detail is outstanding in this cheerful, bright scene of an artist's habitat, brilliantly nailed by Reluin."
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Suggested by Minato-Kushina
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This was one of the unused ideas I had for a contest, reused as a cell-shading experiment! I'm so happy with how much my speed has increased, little pieces like this only take ~3 days now if I work hard c:
One of the succulents(plants) in the foreground is a plectranthus. I got one the other day and it's one of the best things ever, if you rub the petals it smells like lime !!

Posted on my tumblr here!
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canary-kid's avatar
this is so beautiful, it makes me feel so calm and happy <33
imxnekoxlover's avatar
Really love this one, I can just stare at it time and time again <3
charmedstudio's avatar
So cool to see a depiction of a woman immersed in the verdant world of her own art and mind. Thanks for posting. Sensational and evocative piece. 
lentilskine's avatar
Oh to have such a lovely nook to be creative in.
So beautiful.
Epormetti's avatar
my fav, and what a wonderful studio :3
twocupsofbancha's avatar
I can absolutely see this working as part of an illustrated storybook, how beautiful! The ambient is so immersive, and the whole image brings out a cheerful imaginary nostalgia. The succulents are precious details, I never knew there was something like the plectranthus! Keep up the lovely work!
Kirasel's avatar
Prettyyyy.  I love the succulents everywhere, pretty sure I have one of these at home actually.  Overall it looks like a very peaceful calming scene.
Lunwend's avatar
Makes me feel great :33 it's beautiful
NandudaLama's avatar
It's fantastic! Love everything in this illustration!! <3 :) Do you use some texture upon the drawing or it's all becauce of the brushes? 
Reluin's avatar
Thanks! I think for this image there was a texture for the wallpaper behind the character, and a paper/noise texture over the whole image, but that's it! Otherwise this was just the normal round brush.
NandudaLama's avatar
Thank you :) :) it's a very inspiring drawing! I guess it's all in the atmosphere and the details, but the technique is also very beautiful...
JohannaEgeria's avatar
Could be my new room... XD
An interesting idea. Like your work. : )
Slubble's avatar
Oh wow I just love this, I want my future room to be like this xD
Shana4270's avatar
I still really like this ahhhh ; v ; it feels nice looking at it again
Reluin's avatar
ahh, thank you so much! <3
Clean3d's avatar
This is one of my *favorite* favorites on DA. Love the environment and the feeling the work evokes!
Reluin's avatar
gosh thank you so much, I'm so glad the feeling comes across to you! <3
Sparkely-fox's avatar
So detailed and beautiful. owo
Gaalad's avatar
Looks like my bedroom. xD
Maxie-Bunny's avatar
NICE !!! I roarlly Like all the Things That is ind the room 
DD-Ra's avatar
Nice atmosphere, and so many details ! :)
Svirvel's avatar
Aaaaaah! Wow, so detailed! :D
747snoodles's avatar
Yes the niche of the artist, awesome
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