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Hi guys!! Thought I'd announce here too, that for my thesis project I'm making & posting the 1st couple chapters of a webcomic that I've been developing for the last few years! Here's the first 3 pages, and the site is up to page 6 so far.

I'm still very rough & new to comics, but this project has been the most exciting thing in the world to work on - hope you guys enjoy (:!
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UsagiYogurt's avatar
It's SO PRETTY. Wow. It's gotta be some webcomic!
hwangmomo's avatar
i love your art so much! and this comic seems so magical, mysterious and just so beautiful!
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thanks so much!! (:
Colonels-Corner's avatar
This looks great! I really like "rough" quality of it, it's soft and unique! Nice work! <3 
Reluin's avatar
thank you!! I've been trying to find a more natural/rustic style here - glad you like it! (:
grafffite's avatar
Gorgeous work!
IDreamtOfLions13's avatar
Awesome, Theres something about those orange castles in this snowy iceland,
Its just so magical!!! Im really stoked on this story.
Reluin's avatar
Thanks so much, super glad to hear that!! <3
honeyOdew's avatar
Yay!  Congrats on your debut! 
Speenu's avatar
Awesome.  Love the setting and the colors.
Guyra's avatar
Wow, this looks great! I'll check it out. :) 
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Really digging the color choices and overall style here. Out of curiosity, how long does a panel usually take you?
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thanks! ah, hard question since there's a lot of variation in detail between panels. But for full pages, I thumbnail+sketch out the entire chapter first, and then sketches+lines+color for 2 pages takes 2-3 days!
EFBailey's avatar
Thanks for answering! I've been messing with comic development as well, though still in the early stages, but I'm struggling to get a good baseline for how long my workflow should take. Since I work a full-time job, efficiency's kind of paramount, so I always like to hear about how other people approach these things.
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Definitely! I think for a comic my speed is really still on the slow side, but I do think that's to be expected since comics are a new medium for me - I wouldn't worry too much about speed at first as you figure things out for yourself (:
OdoNormal's avatar
Love it!! Nice colours and marvellous story and atmosphere! !
Reluin's avatar
thank you!! (:
Toxie917's avatar
Like you style
KadenDragon's avatar
The flow of the panels are really interested and fun
I'm excited to see where this goes!
Reluin's avatar
so glad to hear that - thanks! :)
KadenDragon's avatar
Good Luck!
And You're welcome!
u v u*
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Oh wooooowww, this is absolutely gorgeous, your coloring is beautiful!!
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