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:iconmusicnotesplz: - Road to Glory, Kokia

Trying to do more organic scenes - and wow it's hard ;n;

Critiques would be really appreciated, like always!

[tumblr post] I don't mind if anyone edits the commentary or whatever, but please don't repost single pieces like this!
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Again, I love the light in this. I also love the expectancy, the anticipation you managed to convey in his/her body posture as they look down on what’s below them.

sorry if this is a dumb comment, I know nothing about art lol.
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this is
 really good mang
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Hmm I love it the scale of this awesome!
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It's Wonderfull! !!!!
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Amazing work!!!
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Damn, i wanna be the with my MTB and throw paper planes from there !!!
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I love how detailed each of your pieces are! I always like to study them and find all the little hidden treasures :>
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You are a very good artist! Keep up the good work and like your other artwork!
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This is gorgeous!
The music adds even more magic to this TvT~
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Beautiful, nice work
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The perspective and palette on this one is great. I like the daring angle and the shift in lighting for the town/houses below.
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This makes me want to study landscapes and not just people and animals.. great work i really like the color pallete
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fascinating viewpoint!
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Extremely beautiful!
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Lovely sense of depth and I really like how stylized it is, rather than just aiming for photo-realism (much as I admire the photo-realists too).
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Great! Marvelous! Reminds me of Spirted Away.
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you're officially my favoutire artist
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