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A Trip into the Mountains
Brenda and I had been dating for about two weeks when she suggested that we do a trip into the Talahee mountains west of town. I was a transplant to her pure born native to the area so she knew all the local secrets. She said on the ride there, "Just wait and see what occurs once we get to the Divinity region.. hehe, oh my god just wait!". I grinned a ton there, something about the way she said that really turned me on. There was some mysterious endpoint that only she knew about..

We finally got to this run-down campground, and as we got out I couldn't help but notice that she seemed taller (?), and even had trouble getting out of the car. "Hehe, doy, the divining is already happening." I said, "divining, huh, nice word; I'll grab the picnic stuff."

So, we sat for lunch. She giggled the whole time, saying stuff like, "hmm, I bet this protein's gonna go straight to myyy biceps!", and then she'd flex ... and I was stunned. She was a normal, hot girl an hour ago, but now .. becoming super jacked.

She stood, ascending from sitting indian style, and then put out her hands to lift me up to her. Second stunned moment, my head only went to her chest -- she sexually bear-hugged me, and said "O-kay, this is full on divination! I just love it!." When she released, I looked at her amazed. She smiled and held my hand -- "alright, I'm gonna keep growing for the rest of the afternoon; the more turned on you are the more I'll groowww...".

So, we played, fucked, talked and teased each other for hours .. well, the teasing was one-way. It was one of those perfect days. :)
Blue Moon Goddess
"Synesthesia is a phenomenon most rare in the human population, as we all have heard about on our favorite learning channels. The classic example is how a synesthese can listen to music and see colors." The almost middle-aged professor lectured to the class. "But. .. Musclesthesia, where a significant, quantum affect occurs in the human muscular system to specific stimuli, is much more, rare." The professor, Dr. Michael Lambeau took off his glasses for more emphasis, and said, "And class, we have tonight the only documented case. Ms. Cortania, our only musclesthese, if you please."

From the side door at the front of the lecture hall, Jessica Cortania walked into view. The 30-something wore a slightly shiny white blouse and a navy blue business skirt, which drew attention to her tan knees, legs and high heels. "Please, take a seat. Ok, so, Jessica's body has a profound reaction to blue laser light. Now, the reaction is immediate and still unexplained .. the blue laser light hitting her skin, interacts as a catalyzing input upon the unexplained quantum consciousness layer of the human mind .." Jessica began unbuttoning her blouse. ".. and results in rapid muscular hypertrophy .." She finished shrugging of the blouse with her last shoulder, showing a hint of a six-pack, nice shoulders and a silvery bra. ".. which has an also unexplained source for extra-material creation. But!, an example is worth a thousand", the doctor was then cut off by Jessica, who said in her feminine-deep voice, "it's alright Doctor Michael, you can just say it. Any time, the color blue touches my skin, my muscles will grow right before your class's eyes."

Dennis was hidden about halfway up the moderately crowded, stadium-seated lecture hall. He peered at Jessica's exposed body from his baseball cap, trying to get a better look at her abs (trying not to look like he was looking, of course). In those milliseconds he could get a good view, she was re-positioning her knees, moving her chest forward too. So, he couldn't get a good confirmation on the six-pack. But damn, those knees and plank-like, fit chest & shoulders looked good. The professor switched on the blue laser. It began charging. Dennis looked back now, and oh nice, Jessica was sitting more upright with the professor putting a measuring tape around her biceps. Eyes looking at abs now, and, confirmed! six-pack and not even flexing. No, wait she is flexing. Dennis panned up, saw some nice cleavage, looked at her brunette-haired head, and oh-crap she was looking right at Dennis. She micro-expressed a hint of playful shaming. He darted his eyes away at the ceiling corner, actually feeling shame since he didn't pick up on the playful part.

Then, it began, the laser hit her left chest with a blue-hot circle, 1 inch in diameter. Her chest slowly began expanding, making her pear-shaped breasts perk into a more prominent position. Students began murmuring soft oohs and ahs. The doctor asked, "Ok, Jessica can you flex your right bicep?" Ms. Cortania flexed. "Ok, I'm reading 13 inches here, for those of you not in the front row, heh. Ok, you can unflex." Jessica smiled, putting her arm down and looked at the class proudly. The professor continued lecturing, while two freshmen males chatted about how this was a sign that the tales of Underwood College could indeed be true -- like Hogwartz except it was a sexually-free community college and only girls could channel magic, and no wands of course. One of the freshmen happily nodded at the girl 3 seats away from him; she gave back an eye roll and transitioned to not noticing his existence (just wait, next quarter the two get their own amorous, female muscle-growth-driven story..).

"And now please raise your arm and flex, again, Ms Cortana." Jessica did so while gazing into what looked liked the middle of the class. But, she was purposefully staring directly at Dennis. He panned his gaze back to the musclesthese exhibit, for the sake of science, of course, and, wait, she was actually looking at him! ...  "14.5 inches!," exclaimed Dr. Lambeau. Jessica started grinning. Dennis's eyes beaded out from the darkness of his baseball cap, the blue light reflecting off them. While their eyes were locked, in this magic moment of sexual tension, yes, her bicep and forearm continued to grow. It was only slightly, visually noticeable but there all the same. Dennis began to become aroused. Her butt grew, propping her up higher on the chair. Her skirt now was significantly smaller as her quads grew and better reflected the lecture hall's silver-white lights and the laser's blue light. Jessica looked at this young man in the crowd; there was something about him. And then, she saw it. This guy looked different compared to just twenty seconds before; he was, smaller. This change was something she had been looking for her entire life. She was definitely going to have fun with him, beckoned her subconscious.

"And that's all for tonight, class," said the professor as he switched the laser off. The rustle of backpacks being slung on and footsteps increased. Jessica bent forward, picked up her blouse and threw it on quickly as she rose to her feet. Having gained 4 inches in height, she now stood 2 inches higher than the professor at 6'2". So, not as tall with her 3" heels off, but oh so noticeable as she re-buttoned her blouse. Ms. Cortana and Dr. Lambeau were amidst students pestering them with questions. Dennis looked at them as he sauntered down the hall steps, seeing one last view of cleavage and silvery bra in his periphery before she finished buttoning.

"So, do you have any advice for a new Underwood college student, Ms Cortania?", asked Dennis, 5'11", with his backpack on one shoulder. Jessica, now the size of a pumped physique competitor, smiled, saying, "Well, just that it is like any other school, you'll get out of it what you put into it!". The conversation paused. There was less of a crowd with most students leaving and the professor packing up his things. Still, some students registered the mutual hots going on between Dennis and the musclesthese. She manually kept things cool, saying, "Hey, I actually went here, too. It's got a lot to offer. Of course, there's the famous night tour in the woods, but you'll find out more about that during the freshmen orientation.. or, you're not a freshmen, or are you?, sorry.." Jessica reached out kindly touching his forearm. Dennis replied, "Oh, I'm actually a bit older transfer student, but uh yeah, I am looking forward to that famous night tour." One could tell they liked each other; plus there was genetics or something more, something quantum going on. Their banter continued obliviously near the podium. At one point, he showed her something on his phone. She looked on, their shoulders leaned against the other. Feel-good vibes oozed in both their bodies, hairs raised. She raised her finger to point at the phone; it was noticeable that her forearm was bigger than his, but had grown a little smaller since the blue laser.

The professor shut off the hall's lights, and the campus's exterior lights shone in from the windows at the top of the lecture hall. "Ok, you guys, I've got to go. Jessica, thanks as always," said the professor. "Yes, thank you, too. Surprising the students is always fun." Jessica steered Dennis up the steps by putting her hand on the small of his back, as the two continued to talk. They made their way to the top, and exited onto the concrete walkway, underneath the blue hue of sky that bled into starry space and a full moon. Dennis said, "Hey, you don't think that the blue light there has an effect on your rapid muscular .. " Jessica finished, "..hypertrophy." She gazed into his eyes; they were at the same height now. "Uhmm, mm-hmm, the blue in my navy blue skirt here actually even has a slight effect on my muscle growth. If I didn't have that, I would have been, well, normal-looking when I walked into class earlier tonight," said Jessica shyly. Dennis had a moment of suave clarity and jumped in, saying, "Hey, let's walk around the campus a bit, you can show me the ropes." He took her hand in his. She smiled very warmly. He continued, "and hey maybe we'll go by the woods and you can play 'night tour' guide."

As they started walking, Jessica bumped into him, her left torso and breast becoming nudged into his, saying, "Well, actually, I was thinking we could stop at Shonies for a drink, if you're down. It's right before the woods." Their nice walking continued, their hearts beat in positive unison. "And then, well we can skip the woods and make a stop at my place." She looked up at him now, saying, "and I can put on something blue .." They locked into a passionate kiss. He stopped, admitting, "I don't know if you know, but I've got some musclesthesia, too. But it's, well, the reverse-"; Jessica stopped him, saying, "Yes I know. The more aroused you become, the less muscular you also become". They kissed more, then she said, "Just think of how musclebound I'll be in 3 hours. And how positively weak and helpless you'll be."


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