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May 19, 2009
City Spirit by ~rellik1990 The suggester says: ''I'm surprised that this is the deviant's first photomanipulation. It is very well done; simple and stylish.''
Featured by Sander-Seto
Suggested by IreneLangholm
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City Spirit



This is my first photomanipulation, so don't be very cruel :D

It's has been like 5 hours :S because I have restarted it like three times :D First I was doing something totally different, then I came up with the tail of buildings, then I changed the model... I think the final outcome is great :D

Edit (5/18): I resized the first group of buildings and made it smaller because it was a bit big. Now the "shadow" became the cityscape in a more fluid way :D

Edit (5/19 9:30): Wow, I cant believe that this has got a DD O_o Many thanks all of you for your support. Especial thanks to `WilderWein77 and ^Sander-Seto for they suggestion and feature of the deviation. I'm working in a newer version, with a red tie (;)).

Edit (5/19 10:00): I'm trying to thanks all of the :+fav:, but if you don't get a personally thank don't be mad at me, you will get it eventually :D There are like 20 only the last hour :noes:

Edit (5/19 10:20): Now there are too much to thank deviant by deviant, so I'm going to thank you all right now :D

Edit (5/19 10:40): This is incredible. More than five hundred views and like sixty :+fav:s. I know that this is not too much, but for me this goes from awesome to I can't believe this happened.

Edit (5/19 12:00): A thousand views and a hundred favourites. This is incredimazing :noes: Funny fact: this deviation has a quarter of the visits of al my deviations and a half of all the :+fav: of my deviations :D

Edit (5/19 12:25): Again, thanks to all the more than 130 devians that have faved this image :D

Edit (5/19 15:35): OMG, +80 comments, +270 :+fav: and +2500 visits :D Thanks to all the Deviants that are faving this, I'm sorry that aI can't thank personally everyone, but if you leave a comment I will response it :D

Edit (5/19 16:30): +300 :+fav:, +3000 views, +100 comments... I'm starting to think that this deviation is good :D

Edit (5/19 18:20): This deviation is the 262th most popular of the last three days :D I think I have to sleep...

Edit (5/19 19:15): +150 comments, 500 :+fav:, and +4500 views. It's getting odd :noes:

Edit (5/19 19:30): It's the 171th most popular of the last three days :D 91 places on an hour :D

Edit (5/19 21:10): Now it's the 159th :D It has +620 :+fav:, +5500 views and +200 comments. :noes:

Edit (5/19 21:35): 108th :D

Edit (5/19 22:20): 93th of the last three days, +700 :+fav:, +6300 views and +230 comments. I know that I'm being a bit boring, but... well, if you are bored go away and read anything else :D

Edit (5/20): Well, +360 comments, +1450 :+fav:, +11600 views and the 18th of the last three days... thank you all

Edit (6/15): Hey, I'm the 51th of the month :D you guys are great. Everyday I get almost ten faves more only in this deviation :D Thank you

Resources used:

:bulletblack: Model: [this] from :iconidolhands:

:bulletblack: Buildings:

:pointr: [this] from :iconratbagdesign:

:pointr: [this] and [this]from :iconphotofreak-stock:

:pointr: [this] from :iconpink-stock:

:pointr: [this] from :iconkathy-ophelia:

:pointr: [this] from :iconll-stock:

:pointr: [this] from :iconthemindofmadness:
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this is really amazing for your first, impressive