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Warp changed Corvus Corax

Model  Corvus CoraxLocation  The Eye of Terror
My take on Raven Guard Primarch in the 42nd millenium. He no hot like his traitor bros.

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I really hope that If they bring him back, they give him a model with optional components kind of like demon Magnus does. A form that is more human like an angrier Saint Celestine, and something else that looks more animalistic like this. Awesome and horrific.

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Long have i wondered what he would look like, thanks for helping me to imagine him)

this is UTTERLY stunning, thank you for doing such a hell of a job

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esta brutal me encanta

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The only loyalist primarch that l like......mostly becouse he is the least human of them all he accepted his potential he is a creature of the warp a daemon .shame he is fighting for the wrong side but iam pleased the way he brings himself *demonic putrid chuckle* its seems even imperium that is so desperately holds to its "humanity" is seemingly becomes less human each time . ow I await the day emporer finally rises the day I will clash against his demonic servants of the so called light.... his hypocrisy .i can only imagen how fun it will be I can only imagen of how many golden heads I'll collect that day *demonic putrid laughter * (By the way I freaking love your work especially the heretical ones you'll definitely get a watch from me. And mate I really hope when the raven primarch will be finally released he will look similarly to your work ) May the great four be with you
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Why thank you! I'm in the grey area, I like all the characters and how they look is my go to point, don't pick sides with who's right or wrong because everyone is dumb, how many things could've been avoided had all those characters actually talked amongst themselves.

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(Ya you are right that all are dumb but iam a chaos fan i love this world not becouse ow who is in the right (nobody really is) i love it because its epic and I love seeing some eldritch demonic abomination armies lead by a mortal champion that is in the edge of getting the apotheosis I find it cool just as people find the brute goofy savagery of orcs and there thing of becoming bigger sl everyone have their own thing that's why so many love warhammer it has nearly everything for everyone )
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The ridiculousness of Warhammer universe is what's gotten me into drawing again. And to add to your updated comment, I think his model will have human like features, much like his traitor brothers, I doubt it will be like this, though it would be awesome to see him like that.

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Yaa I agree and plus he kinda has to have more human features since in genarly the hall thing of imperium is like saving their humanity where chaos is the opposite. Although this is cool but it definitely doesn't look like what loyalists will call imperial friendly . But I do hope he'll be a bit more beastly but again iam just a putrid demon prince of nurgle so what do I know
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I always imagined him more like a black shadow of a human with wings, but this is cool

really terrifying. the black birdy eyes are truly unsettling

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I think that is the way his model will look like, just like how his traitor brothers look, with human features, that's why I went with monstrous take.

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