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Tarik Torgaddon

Fanart of Tarik Torgaddon. Best Son of Horus.

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How much could he have been of use to the legion during the Heresy, if he had not been the stupid dog of the Emperor.

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Nicely done. Although those reddish eyes give him a bit sinister chaos vibe. Unfitting for someone slayed for opposing Chaos. But that still just my opinion.

Overall this artwork is superb.

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Thanks, though I never understood why the color of someone's eyes would determine their alignement, Sanguinius had red eyes and he died for same reason as Tarik. He looks high rather than chaos-y here, but that was my mistake in design.

ChristopherLine's avatar

Hard to tell, if there is any mistake to speak of. I just told what is my perception. Probably influenced my popular culture red eyes demons and such. This is subjective opinion, nothing more.

And this the only potential critique I might have on this. Beside this, it is excellent work of art.

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I agree, popular culture may have added bits of unwritten rules over the years on certain things that still influence us.

When I finished the drawing, I tought he looked bit too sinister for a character that is supposed to be good and the color of his eyes didn't help, that's the reason I said that was a mistake on my part, sorry if my comment came out a bit harsh, that wasn't my intention (terrible at english), you are right to express your own opinion, especially a critique, it keeps me exploriong further how to avoid such mistakes in the future.

Anyway, I appreciate your comment and that you think so highly of it! :)

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From my experience, others often perceive our creations in the way we would not anticipate.

Your comment didn't come out harsh. I simply wanted to point out, that that I'm just expressing personal opinion, not judging merits of the artworks. I myself wouldn't even know where to start with Tarik. You managed to give him that trickster appeal and that's really big success.

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