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Horus Lupercal - Fratricide

Location  Vengeful Spirit
I see my banner has caught some eyes.

Emperor: "Horus, where is Sanguinius?"
Horus: ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

Fanart of one and only Horace Heresy himself. And Sanguinius also. He's somewhere here. Or everywhere. Sad times.

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My god that face he makes! XD

So come the fall of those who believed themselves as eternal. Foolish Humans, foolish Primarchs and foolish Emperor.

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This pic warms my putrid heart
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buen dibujo me encanta.

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The ungrateful heretic who started this shitshow. Wherever he is, I bet he is now suffering. Arch did

a video on Space Marine gene seed and can a Traitor's seed be used to make a Loyalist clone. Of course, cloning Horus and Lorgar is considered heresy of the highest order. Glorious work, Brother.

Actually, it was Lorgar and the Word Bearers who began the Horus Heresy. Ironic how the most faithful became the first renegades when their "God" regected their passionate devotion and offerings.

Then again, fanatical devotion to a Diety is no wonder to you when your own homeworld is filled with Chaos cults.

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Trazyn has in his collection a perfect clone of Fulgrim that is 100% loyal, given to him by not so fabulous Fabius Bile. And thanks.

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Amazing work man, keep it up

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He loooks so fucking happy

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