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The One Thing

Once again, title from Liquid by Jars of Clay.



This piece was inspired during my 3D class. My professor was talking about how in crucifixion the person wasn't raised high off the ground like in the traditional pictures of Jesus' crucifixion, but rather they were a mere foot from the ground. This was so that the people would be able to see into their eyes and see such great suffering that would come their way if they decided to cause trouble. That got me to thinking. What would someone have seen had they looked into Jesus' eyes as he hung there? Would they see sadness? Disappointment? Would they see their every wrongdoing reflected back at them? And then I came to the conclusion; they would see love. They would see the extreme passion of a saviour who didn't care whether you would accept him or not. That love would still be there. And still is.
I'm not trying to preach to you. But know, that even if you just shrug off what I'm saying or dismiss me as some crazy Christian, that's fine. But at least you will be able to hear from at least one person during your life that Christianity isn't about mere religion or rules and regulations. It's about a relationship with your Creator, who knows you better than you know yourself and loves you anyway. And that, I think, is something worth hearing.
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Amen sister. u make a compelling argument there about true Christianity.

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Those eyes are beautiful. This is a powerful piece! I think that looking into Jesus' eyes in itself must have been a very touching experience... imagine looking into them while he was being crucified... :tears: His eyes never losing that sparkle that reveals he's the Son of God.

Food for thought... ;)
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Thank you dearie. I seriously felt like I was going to cry when our professor told us about that. Because to see God in flesh hanging there, and knowing that he could be off of that cross if he wanted, but isn't just for your sake. Oy...