Are hip flexor exercises effective?

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If you have a tight hip flexor problem, you might face some potential challenges in different parts of your body. Some risks associated with tight hip flexor problems are-


1) You won’t feel flexible while moving or walking.

2) It causes lower back pain.

3) The chances of injury while exercising increase dramatically if you have tight hip flexors.

4) This problem leads to long term hip pain and problem.

One can get rid of these problems easily with the proper exercises. Hip flexor exercises are often advised to support lower back, sacroiliac, abdominals as well as its adjacent structures.

Those hip flexor exercises are great in relieving lower back problems like muscle atrophy and poor posture. This exercise usually starts in spinal stabilization exercise, which relieves tight hip flexors problem. Also, it can be performed in several and number of positions. People who just started their routine may start by laying on his or her back. Besides, pelvic tilt performed against a wall is much more challenging.

Few steps in performing hip flexor exercises

In order to avoid having pelvic tilt problems like Anterior Pelvic Tilt disproportion, you must follow these simple steps-

Starting Position

Beginners usually lay their knees and feet flat on the floor. Basically, the head, shoulders, mid/upper back, backside, soles, and heels are recommended to touch the floor all the time.

Inhale first, then start doing pelvic tilt exercise as you exhale

As you breathe out, it is expected that the abdomen come toward the back. Basically, an effective and easy pelvic tilt exercise happens when your stomach pulls up when you exhale.

Therefore, just continue exhaling and pulling your abdomen in order for this to be more effective. This usually results in stretching your back and allowing your back to reach different directions while touching the wall or floor.

Do not force yourself to do these exercises

In order for you to prevent from suffering from Anterior Pelvic Tilt, you must perform the said exercise properly. Since the problem here is anterior and posterior pelvic muscles, make sure that you do not overuse or underuse them once again.

So, if you feel so much pain, do not force yourself to do the exercise again. Ten minutes period of performing the exercise is enough for a day, especially if you perform it every day.

On the other hand, if you think that the muscles need more stretching and lengthening, extend the minute of your exercise in order to activate the muscles that become sedentary for a long time and those that become stuck and unable to stretch, which usually cause pain.

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