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Drawing by Zoe Rose and aunt

By relicsong
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This is an abstract by my niece Zoe Rose, aged two. Most of the doodles are mine, I did do a little blue scribble on the left and some brown up at the top. The wild colors on the right are all hers.

She was very cute and kept stopping and saying "look, look!" after she had made a new segment. She did a lot of bold stokes, very free in her expression where I was more timid. At one point she took all the pencils and so I pretended to cry and she gave me one.
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Is there a lesson to be gleaned within, i wonder?
"She did a lot of bold stokes, very free in her expression where I was more timid."

Your thinking with logic while she was just creating... *chuckles* Cute though, I think I recognize the orange as an elf...maybe...

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^_^ I know what that's like, I have a little brother who recently turned 3. He's starting to get the hang of drawing circles now instead of just scribbles.
Although... He does have an issue with sharing his crayon's even after I pull the fake crying trick.

And what do you know... I have the same/nearly the same name as your niece, =P Zoe!
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Thank you for the comment! :fuzzydemon: I also have a one year old son, but right now he mainly tries to eat crayons... I'm looking forward to coloring with him someday.

But he's very generous with handing people his toys (whether you want them or not.)