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1920 x 1200, thanks for all comments & views...1600, 1280 & 1024-->[link]
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Utterly beautifull as usual!  Here's a little tribute of mine :happybounce: :…
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There's something mesmerizing about the swirl, the sheen, the interplay of light and color... very beautiful.
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Sigh - hate to be the one doing this again - I was over at checking out the latest Linux distros and I noticed that the latest version of Ultimate Edition Linux 3.2 features a modified version of 4TA_09 - I don't know if you gave them permission to use this wall but I really doubt you gave them permission to take your work and MODIFY it by putting their OS symbol on top of the wall.
Here's the link to the desktop image I'm talking about: [link]

If nothing else they need to attribute the work to you...
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no I didn't, thanks for pointing that out..
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Great work Richard - I've been a fan of your offerings for some time and have downloaded a number of your images from here, InterfaceLIFT, Skinbase and WinCustomize. You have a terrific eye and I only wish I had a tenth of your creativity.

Which brings me to an unpleasant subject - what can you do when you find out that someone else is stealing your (and many others work) by claiming it as their own. For example a number of your walls are appearing at including the one shown here. (Check out the following: [link]) Kinda looks like the same wallpaper...
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I gave alot of people permission to use, just don't rembember if this is one them.. Looks like alot of other people's walls are there too.. Thanks,:)
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No problem - I just didn't like the fact that they didn't attribute the work to you.
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yea that kind of sucks..
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one of my favorites.:clap:
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Your style, shapes and colors are exquisite. I just love your work.
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Gorgeous colors!!
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Stunning light effect. Great work :clap:
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Outstanding !
Great work Richard...:clap:
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glowing warm beauty!
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I love this one I added vibrant to it with that tool in CS4 really brought it out. :+Fav:
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Thanks, for fav also..
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Awesome job Richard!
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