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i've had this account for 14 years apparently im gonna try to dust it off a little

Oh gosh- it's February

Oh gosh- it's February

Already???  Of 2012, no less! So, what's been up with Rel lately?  Well, I graduated for one thing, so there's that.  And then mostly I've been doing conventions/trying to figure my life out/make ends meet. I've moved back in with my parents for the time being, so that's a thing.  I miss New York, but I really can't afford to live there right now. Oh hey so I've also opened up commissions over here. Also I am basically doing 4209582 conventions this year so... yeah.  Starting with Katsucon, next week!  Auuugh got a ton to do after that.  Basically my 2012 Con Calendar looks like: Katsucon (February 17-19) MangaNEXT (February 24-26) Spr

Conventions Shmonventions

Conventions Shmonventions

If Summer is Convention season, then Convention-Planning season is upon us, guys. So, uh- MoCCA, MeCAF, Florida Anime Experience, AnimeNEXT, Otakon, SPX.  Are the conventions I am planning to attend at the moment.  I might do a couple of others, as well?  Yeah.  What.. what will I be selling?  At these tables that I am purchasing? THIS THING.  Starry Knights.  It is this comic thing which I draw, and even occasionally post online.  How exciting, I know!  It is about a girl and her best friend dinosaur; they have to save their island; etc thrilling times had by all. I am also working n making a children's book about the same characters (sor

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saw u at nimenext- coool
chillinchikjw General Artist
HAYYYY!!!! Fem Hulk/ Korra/ Neko Jasmine here Thanks for art trading with me I love my lil print I hope I'll see at animenext again next year and hopefully have a table XD dont forget to watch me awesome pics are up and more are coming soon
KarRedRosesProfessional Artist
Confirming receipt of your artists alley application. Will be in touch after the application period closes on 3/31/12. Thanks and pony on! ^_^ Looking forward
ChibiiBuizelHobbyist General Artist
Hey! I'm the person whose face you put on a Buizel at Youmacon today! Thank you so much for it!
wonkyKrystolHobbyist Digital Artist
HEY :D Its the alive aradia from youmacon that got a portrait drawn by you! (its flarping amazing, by the way)
Just poking in to say hi! (:
toeorchestraHobbyist General Artist
cool works :iconflowerdanceplz: also cool seeing you at Otakon.