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Nothing to say about this one, just a nice stroll.


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Awesome. This has a "BF/GF" feel to it.

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I saw this pic on facebook but the jerk cutout the name. Glad I found it and I must say it is wonderful!

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They look cute together :)
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I love this very relaxed, very hip on the two partners enjoying a little day trip out to sightsee.

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this something I hope to see in the future of Zootopia 3.

There was a second one?
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Don’t know if there might be a sequel or not but really do hope so.

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Really like this setting! Slightly chilly evening on the town with their loved one! Nice!

What’s in Judy’s paw? Her phone?
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Fantastic stuff, keep it up!
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Looks so peaceful in that time of day. :aww:
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Wonderful. And thanks for not putting surgical masks on them, I'm depressed enough as it is.:) (Smile) 
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Pretty nice!
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This is such an absolutely beautiful page, Relaxable!!! The shading, detailing...everything looks so amazing!! The sheen off their fur, the shadows darkening...just...WOW!!! Great work here!! And the perspective!!! Yeah, this is now a favorite of mine, like top fav. :D
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Oh, my! This is so amazingly freaking beautiful! It’s more than awesomely splendid. It’s magnificently heartwarming in its simple charm and subject matter. It’s perfect.

I can now definitely say that I will want to commission you for any future #wildehopps art for my stories.

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Nick And Judy look so street savvy in their outfits. B-) (Cool) 
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Ohhhh, I love Judy's coat! And I always love how much detail you put into their expressions and posture, it's great stuff!
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Looks like a nice sunset walk, wonderful work.
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The lighting looks great. I wonder what are they looking at.

Lovely work!
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A lovable couple...In Love

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That is WONDERFUL!!! :la:

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