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She's the one

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So, here, Judy is talking to somebody else from across the table. Given the semi-formal setting and the fancyish looking restaurant, I like to think that this is a special ZPD dinner party/night out to celebrate Nick's graduation. And he’s totally smitten.
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Yeah, Judy has Nick's full focus here on this evening. ;)

Excellent work on this scene in every aspect, Relaxable-Fur. :D

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Can you feel the love tonight?Music Note Bullet (Black) - F2U

Beautiful, Lax!

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Mikey2084Hobbyist Writer

Another wonderful scene captured perfectly. You can just feel Nick's thoughts toward Judy. Blurring her image slightly was a nice way of putting the viewer in Nick's head. Well done.

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So when will Nick propose.

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I want you to know that you managed to come up with another Zootopia-themed masterpiece. I really like all the details, from light in the background to Nick's enigmatic expression, to the watch that the fox wears on his left wrist. Very good!

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Totally devoted. I wonder if Judy understands how focused a fox can be.

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This is absolutely stunning. You did a spectacular job I love it!
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This is simply stunning! Fantastic work here and you can absolutely see the thoughts in Nick's head, here. He's trying to hide that smile, but there's that slight uptick that gives it away.

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dakzooHobbyist Writer

Love the expression on his face. It says so much.

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This is pretty good.

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AldoBronyJDCHobbyist Digital Artist
I love the way use manage the colors and the illumination on them, not to mention the beautiful details on both. Nick looks stunning and gorgeous ❤
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I really like all of the diverse outfits you give both Nick and Judy, and the attention to detail that helps bring it all to life. For example, you can't see Judy's body, but you can tell she's probably wearing something at least decently nice because of the rings around her forearm. And if she's dressed nice alongside Nick (not to mention that look he's giving her) then it's safe to assume they're out for some sort of event. I only wonder who Judy is speaking to. Regardless, it's clear that the attention to detail is impeccable, painting a beautiful story that is told without any words at all. Fantastic work, as always.

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Nick - Icon "Oh yeah, I'm going to marry that bunny."

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absolutely <3

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TheThunder-ArtHobbyist Digital Artist

"You know you love me."

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TalabromaltyallaHobbyist Traditional Artist

Well, one thing is for sure, if he wasn't smitten with her, Nick would not be staring at her like that.

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