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just my OC, enjoy c:
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She's so cuuuutee!-I mean...You're so cuuuute!...both statements are the same imo :-3 Absolutely stellar art Intrigued, you've got such an amazing talent, you should be super proud of yourself! [Cat Emote] Chill Smile

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Aww, they look so cute and fluffy :meow:

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Delightful fluff.

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Outstanding artwork
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When I tell you I squealed

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teach me how to put texture like that! its so nice!

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I get over a hundred deviations from my followed creators a day, and I just, kind of, skim over them, looking for something that catches my eye. This didn't catch my eye. I reached out of my monitor, grabbed my face with both hands, and yanked my head around until I was full on staring. This is an AMAZING piece of art.

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gjkds oh my god what a kind comment, thank you so much ;_; You've made my day! I'm really glad you like this! <3

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Relaxable is really amazing
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This is so awesome I love the fur pattern!

F**k it's so cool

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Awww. What a cutie!

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