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The spell

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The girl looked so innocent as the spell started to have its effect on her. Soon she would look very different then when she had entered the mansion. Normally Casandra wouldn't just have sneaked up behind an unsuspecting victim and used a spell like this, but the day had been so uneventful and the girl had desperately needed a makeover. Soon all those boring wide clothes would look disgusting to the girl. She would never ever wear them again and instead be 100% committed to the skimpiest outfits possible. Just a bubbly bimbo would remain in her place - only good for sex. "No more maths for you, little one.", Cassandra giggled as the first blonde streaks of hair started to appear on the girls head.
Instead the girl was going to be just another one of her masters dumb sextoys - forever doomed to be the perfect eyecandy with her brain only able to wear sexy clothing, apply makeup and giggle at everything anyone says. "It will be fun", Cassandra thought. "In fact, you'll be exactly like me. Yay!! *giggle*".
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is tthere more to this
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relatticHobbyist Digital Artist
more of what ;) 
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this picture id like to see the change and such
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relatticHobbyist Digital Artist
ah I see. no this is just a one-shot with a text story. sorry to keep you hanging ;)