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I’ve recently started this whole Patreon experiment and I’m really happy that there are already people supporting me this early on. I really want to give something special to these people so when I started this project just a few days ago I wrote down that as soon as we hit the $50 per month goal I would give everyone who’s pledging $5 or more at that time a special personal reward.
We’re going straight towards that goal so I can reveal to you what those personal rewards are. Everyone who pledges $5 or more will get a personal Bimbofication Before and After Drawing in my style.

That means you send me a picture that you want me to draw and then bimbofy. The picture will not be published alongside the drawings so it can even be a photo of yourself. It can be a man or a woman in any position that you want. I’ll trace it and then I’ll give you a bimbo version of that picture.

Now, we’re not quite there yet, but very close, so the next four people who also pledge $5 or more on Patreon can still get in on the deal. Also, you’ll get immediate access to the Bimbo Web Challenge chapter 13 and one more early access story per week that I’m still working on. You get to vote on how the “A Slave To Desire” series is going to continue and I’m also working on an erotic fiction game that you can get beta access to very soon, too.

Pledge $5 to get drawn as a bimbo now

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November 4, 2017
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