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OB64 - Netherworld Classes

NOTE: These images origionate from the Quest/Atlus game Ogre Battle 64. I claim no ownership of them but have created these icons for use by anyone who desires them, filing them under resources for obvious reasons. Any graphical imprefects are a result of the rom's near-but-not-total compatibility with my video card. These icons are avaliable separately in the downloadable zip file of this deviation.

Technically these chatacers are called Denizens of the Netherworld but ther just wasn't that kind of room in the title. I'm not big on thinking tonight so I'm not going to say much. That fellow with a sword? A goblin, a decent class but not great. That goatly gentlemen? A Saturos, (sorry for the sprite errors), an axe weilding psychopath and a lesser form of a Daemon which isn't shown here because it can't be recruited.

You should know the species of that snake woman if you've played any similar games.......come on....I know you can do it......yes! That's right! She's a gorgon, the same species as the legendary Medusa. No, she can't turn people to stone just by glancing at them but she can use a Gaze of Terror technique, tapping into her evil powers, which petrifies all enemies that aren't protected by anti-status equipment or aren't carrying a shield. No...her gaze cannot be reflected. Somewhat useful but hard to find and besides, a Diana with Ji'ylga's bow (petrifying arrows) is better than her any day.

Lastly, that best carrying a Warhammer? You guessed it, an Ogre. It's funny actually, this is the only 'Ogre' series game (Ogre Battle/Tactics Ogre) that actually had an Ogre in it at all. Yes, it is arguable that Rimmon of 'The Knight of Lodis' might have become an Ogre (his class was listed as ???) but I'd doubt it. Anyway, It's good to finally see one.
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If Squareenix ever utilzes the Ogre Battle IP, I'm hoping for some more ogres to appear in game.

To get back on topic, these are great screens, from an equally great game series.
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good remark about the lack of ogres in Ogre Battle XD