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OB64 - Main Characters

NOTE: These images origionate from the Quest/Atlus game Ogre Battle 64. I claim no ownership of them but have created these icons for use by anyone who desires them, filing them under resources for obvious reasons. Any graphical imprefects are a result of the rom's near-but-not-total compatibility with my video card. These icons are avaliable separately in the downloadable zip file of this deviation.

These are the recruitable special characters of Ogre Battle 64. Powerful and useful, if these individuals are brought to specific strongholds they can recieve special treasures and equipment to aid your army. The list begins with Magnus Gallant in his Gladiator class (top left), moves to Magnus in his General class and then continues in the order in which the characters can be recruited, with the exception of Yumil (next to bottom right, model using a cheat) and Deneb (bottom right, avaliable only in training mode as the leader in place of Magnus).

Each is displayed with his or her default weapon, not their speical weapon. An example is Biske, the man to the left of the werewolf. When you you defeat him in a boss battle you earn his Evil Blade (can be seen in the sword models to be posted later). The Evil Blade is his special weapon (unofficially) but not his default. As well, some characters are irremoveably equipped with unique weapons (offical special weapons) and use these weapons as their default. An example is Debonair, the man to the right of the werewolf, carrying his Sonic Blade, a great sword. Unique weapons shown here will not be included in the weapon models to come as only one class can use them.

Not listed is the Divine Dragon, Grozz Nuy, although he is not recruitable and can be found in the zip file. Enjoy.
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One of my fav series ever!
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I love ogre battle64 a game that is unrickinisled game i played the 64 game once then i could not find it agin sad it needs to be a PSP or DS dont mind my spelling i cant spell for crap
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Yes this was my game !!!! I luv the uniqueness in the vast array of characters and story
I played both the Super NES March of the Black Queen and the N64 version, but don't recall too much of it as much as the first one

Brings back sad this was a blast to play
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Noooooo, download won't work!
I love Ogre Battle, but finding pretty much ANYTHING on it is really difficult.
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yes! this is awesome !
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<3 OB64
are those pics the right size to be DA avatars? Leia's character looks so cool
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OB 64!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! You're so awesome!! :+fav:
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Loves me some Ogre Battle, I do.
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Cool. Which episode are you a fan of? I'm into Person of Lordly Caliber, Let us Cling Together and I do own The Knight of Lodis...but I got bored with it. Can't say I've played March of the Black Queen though.
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Really haven't played many aside from the 64 one, sadly.
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