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OB64 - Female Classes

NOTE: These images origionate from the Quest/Atlus game Ogre Battle 64. I claim no ownership of them but have created these icons for use by anyone who desires them, filing them under resources for obvious reasons. Any graphical imprefects are a result of the rom's near-but-not-total compatibility with my video card. These icons are avaliable separately in the downloadable zip file of this deviation.

And now it's time for the ladies to step up. Yes, it's true they have fewer classes than the men but they carry some of the most powerful attainable charaters being Sirens, Dianas and Freyas. They share the transmigratory class of Litch with the men (with no visible difference between a male and female Litch) and also the legion-leading Centurion class, with slightly different equipment.

Like thier make counterparts, female classes all origionate from soldiers (top left) at are promoted under female leardership (male leadership of soldiers promotes fighters) into Amazons (top, next to left). Amazons are back row archers and the basis of all female classes. Among the rather useful classes only attainable by women are the Priest class (green robed woman), the Angel Knight class (to be displayed with the undead classes) and the Princess class (woman with fan).
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I'd REALLY like to download the male & female classes zips!
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The princess class is such a pain in the ass to get, but it's really worth it! xD I really setting her in the back row with two Sirens/Dianas/Seraphs and setting two Paladins in the front row of her team. I always give her a Drakonite spellbook, too. :+fav:
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AWESOME!! I love the dragon masters and sirens teh best :D *fav*
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Nice~~ They have some interesting costumes! =D
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Those costumes aren't just for show, the female classes seriously kick. Nice new avatar.
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