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OB64 - Dragon Classes

NOTE: These images origionate from the Quest/Atlus game Ogre Battle 64. I claim no ownership of them but have created these icons for use by anyone who desires them, filing them under resources for obvious reasons. Any graphical imprefects are a result of the rom's near-but-not-total compatibility with my video card. These icons are avaliable separately in the downloadable zip file of this deviation.

Well what's to say, dragons are a pwerful and useful species and each has its own speciality. That yellow one in the center is a young dragon, lacking any special attacks but still useful. Through natural elemental evolution it can become a fire breathing Red Dragon, an acid spitting Earth Dragon, a lighting roaring Thunder dragon or an ice spweing Blue Dragon. It all depends on which element it is. On the other hand, a young dragon that is lawfully aligned may become a Platinum dragon, breathing celestial mist or a Black Dragon, breathing toxic vapours.

When dragons evolve for the second time they become far more powerful, using mosterous full screen elemental attacks that can also cause statuses. That big red Flarebrass causes a Crimson Note (sphere of fire) to explode in proximity to your opponent; damage and a possible power down effect. That Chinese looking Quetzalcoatl creates a Radiant Gale that damages and often paralyzes. The land dragon there, the Ahzi Dahaka, is my personal favourite (being earth myself) and the user of a mighty Earthquake attack. True, flying units just soar into the air, unharmed, but others on the ground are dragged into underground magma by whirlpool of jagged rock (literally) which can power them down as well.

What do you call a dragon with five heads and now wings? In Ogre Battle, a hydra. Their scream causes an aurora, a Clear Disaster, to decend from the clouds and strike, likely putting the enemy into a deep sleep. A Taimat, that big black fellow, uses Evil Dead, a dark hex that summons evil ghosts and can also cause sleep on its target. Lastly, the Bahamut, while nothing in compairson to Final Fantasy's, is probably the greatest of them all. Unlike the others, his Divine Ray causes no status but since it is a holy attack it can eradicate the undead and exorcise them, preventing thier regeneration.

And there you have it, dragons, as Ogre Battle sees them.
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Now this is cool! I used to have the N64 version...but now I have the downloaded version on my Wii.
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cool, you have the Flarebrass at the top ^_~