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OB64 - Demi-Human Classes

NOTE: These images origionate from the Quest/Atlus game Ogre Battle 64. I claim no ownership of them but have created these icons for use by anyone who desires them, filing them under resources for obvious reasons. Any graphical imprefects are a result of the rom's near-but-not-total compatibility with my video card. These icons are avaliable separately in the downloadable zip file of this deviation.

Well, what's to say about this bunch. Halkmen, Vultans & Ravens are all useful flying types that wield single-handed axe/hammers and can be valuable to any unit. Faeries and Gremlins have limited uses but in the back row they can perform Magic Missle (holy, destroys undead) and Abyss (dark, damage & sleep status) respectively. Oh yes, and the Pumpkinhead, and annoying foe. Thier basic use is to use Pumpkin Smash (similar to Final Fantasy's Demi, halves HP) and Pumkin shower (Multiple HP halving on many targets, user is self-damaged). That's all I've got for now.
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